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This is my plan for a YouTube MLP analyst video I'm making, and how I plan to present it. Feel free to give me feedback. :twilightsmile:

Greetings, Everypony.
I am Changeling Ren. And in my first ever video, I’d like to discuss something in MLP that has caught my attention. I’m pretty sure from the title, you know what this is about.

This video is a theory and topic video of Starlight Glimmer’s friend, Sunburst being a changeling spy. Now as crazy as this might sound at first, if you think about it more, it maybe not be as crazy at all, since there was something not quite right with him. So in this video I’m going to explain my 3 pieces of evidence to support this, as well as a hypothetical on what is possibly going to happen in future seasons.

Evidence #1: His personality and Presence in the Crystal Empire

The first piece comes from when Starlight Glimmer first approaches him in the Crystal Empire to reconnect with him in the first part of the season 6 premier. What happens is that Starlight Glimmer goes with Spike to see Sunburst. When Sunburst answered the door to them, his answer was “What can I do for you?”.

Then when Starlight introduced herself and told him they used to be friends, he acts mainly awkward and shifty around her, purporting to be an important wizard, almost like he didn't want her around. Doesn’t it sound suspicious that Sunburst didn’t recognize his old friend straight away? And when Starlight said who she was, Sunburst acted quick-thinking, like if he pretended to remember by the way he thought for a moment before answers “Oh, yes! Starlight! How are you? It’s been a long time.”.

The way Sunburst acted is similar to how Queen Chrysalis acted in “A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 and 2” while she was disguised as Princess Cadance, and later in the first part of “To Where and Back Again”, where the changelings disguised as the main 6 and Spike see Starlight and Trixie. They acted not themselves, and were improvising. If you can compare the way Sunburst acted there to the way Chrysalis and the changeling towards Starlight, you can see clear similarities between them. This is a clear indication of Sunburst being a changeling to me.

When Princess Cadance was asked about Sunburst, she said she don't recognize the name. How could Princess Cadance not know about Sunburst or any non-crystal pony living in the Crystal Empire?

Evidence #2: His Magical Potential

The next piece of evidence is to do with his magical potential. If you remember, When Sunburst saved Starlight from falling books, and got his cutie mark, he show quiet a reasonable amount of magical potential. But in his adult age years later, he showed he was unable to perform any such magic. Now his age is unknown, but I’m going to go with an assumption that Sunburst was 8 years old when he got his cutie mark and left for magic school, since the age for a filly or colt to earn their cutie mark is estimated to be between 6 - 8 years old. And he’s about roughly 24 years old when he first appears in season 6. This means he had about 16 years’ worth of magical study at magic school between those 2 times. 16 years for an average pony is a lot of time. You can even assume Twilight’s old friend, Moon Dancer studied magic for possibly the same amount of time, or maybe longer, and she was quite reasonably talented with magic, or so we assume. So in the long run, Sunburst should’ve been great and skilled with magic as well because he studied magic for most of his life.
So it really makes absolutely no sense how with all that studying, even if you studied magic by yourself without guidance from a mentor that he’s unable at doing any magic. So I’m saying if it’s been… I’m sorry, but if you’ve been studying magic for 16 years at magic school, and couldn’t do any of it as an adult, even with your reasonable potential you showed as a child, that makes no sense to me.
Even though Sunburst isn’t as rawly powerful as Starlight, he should’ve been more than capable of casting most spells. And essentially over time, he would’ve learnt how to use his abilities while at magic school, especially with all those years of studying, and being taught by supposably the finest magical professors in Equestria. But what we really have look at is “How long did he stay and studied magic at magic school?”, because that’s extremely important. If he dropped out magic school after a couple or so years, and did something else during those years, then I could probably understand why he couldn’t do any magic. But if Sunburst had such reasonably good magical potential as a young colt, and for 16 years of studying magic at magic school, he was unable to do any magic as a full grown adult, even with his magical potential he had as a colt, that makes no sense to me.
So when you put all those things into consideration. The fact that Sunburst had plenty of time to study and practice magic to his full potential. The fact that Sunburst still has his magical potential. The fact that you can even say that if Rarity, or even Trixie studied magic for 16 years, I’m pretty confident they would be skilful enough to reasonably hold their own against many dangerous foes.
So this is basically why I class this as another major piece of evidence of Sunburst being a changeling spy. It’s because he’s magically weaker than he should be. I still think he should be more than magically skilled enough to do most magic.

(Personally I think he should be as skilful as Twilight as a unicorn from seasons 1 - 3)

But with this, you’re wondering, if that’s true, then how did Sunburst know how to fix the crystal heart in the Crystal Empire? Well, I’ll get to that later in my Hypothetical.

Evidence #3: The Capture of Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart, and The Rescue Mission

In the season 6 finale, “To Where and Back Again”, Thorax states that Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart were captured and replaced, and that Sunburst had sent him to go to Twilight for help. Then when Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord journeyed to the Changeling hive, and entered into the hive to rescue everyone, and Queen Chrysalis was defeated.

But if you thought about it, there was something very suspicious about the whole thing. Like “How did these changelings capture Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart and replace them so easily?”, “How did Sunburst know about them being captured and being replaced?”, “Why did he send Thorax for help?”, And most of all, “How were Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord able to gain easy entry into the hive?”. If you analysed this, this sounds like it was an inside job, with a spy reporting everything about the Crystal Empire security arrangements.

And if you remember how Chrysalis revealed herself to Thorax disguised as Starlight and said “One little pony all by herself. How will I ever prevent this daring rescue?”, this sounded like she knew they were coming. This is a clear indication that this was a trap planned out by Chrysalis to capture both Starlight for her power, and Thorax to be punished for treason towards the hive.

My Hypothetical theory:

So now that I have explained the pieces of evidence of Sunburst being a changeling spy, I’m going to give you my hypothetical on what went on, what’s going on, and what I believe the season 7 finale, or season 8 premier or finale will possible be like.

Sunburst goes to magic school, and studies magic there for 16 years, becoming one of the most talented ponies of the school. Soon after the Crystal Empire was rediscovered, Sunburst decided to move there, thinking there would be so much to learn there, and that his talent, and knowledge could be useful addition to the crystal pony citizens of the Crystal Empire. He also had plans to contact his old friend Starlight, in the hopes to see her again, and catch-up after all those years.

At the same time, Queen Chrysalis, angered by her humiliating defeat during the attack of Canterlot, vowels for revenge. When hearing news that the long lost Crystal Empire had been found, and that Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are ruling it, she concocts a plan to possibly capture them, as well as Princess’s Celestia and Luna, and the main six to try to take over Equestria. So she sends her best changeling drone to go undercover and spy on the Crystal Empire. The changeling sent to spy on the Crystal Empire, who was the smartest, and most loyal of Chrysalis’s drones, decides to capture somepony moving to the Crystal Empire, and by share coincidence or not so share coincidence, that pony was Sunburst. He captures Sunburst, locks him away somewhere, and takes on his form and identity. And for some time, he kept a low profile while spying on the Crystal Empire. And was even reading the books Sunburst brought with him thinking they could come in handy.

Then one day, Starlight Glimmer visits the changeling disguised as Sunburst, and was unprepared thing oversight. Luckily, he was able to pull the character off without causing any suspicion from anyone. He improvised, and while interacting with Starlight, he managed to get some important, and intriguing information of Flurry Heart being an alicorn, and the magical potential of Starlight of being able to travel through time. After hearing this, he secretly contacted Queen Chrysalis to report his findings. This information highly interested her, and since he was disguised as a close friend of the student of Twilight Sparkle, she told him to play his part and to keep in touch with her on any of his findings.

Then when Thorax was sighted and moved to the Crystal Empire to learn how to share love instead of taking it, this almost jeopardised his cover, and made a plan with Queen Chrysalis to capture Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, Princesses Celestia and Luna, and the main 6 to take over Equestria. Then she orders her spy disguised as Sunburst to send Thorax to inform Starlight Glimmer how Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart had been captured and replaced, knowing they would try to attempt a rescue mission with Thorax’s help, so that she could trap them both so that she could deal with Thorax for his treason towards the hive, and for interfering with her plans. And so that she could use Starlight’s power to use to her bidding. When it unforeseenly failed, she made the promise to return to extract her revenge on Starlight Glimmer.

It’s my belief that she knew about her most loyal changeling subject is still undercover as Sunburst. So she would instruct him to remain as Sunburst to make her plan for revenge on her, as well as to find a way to reclaim her position as queen of the changeling once again. As Sunburst, he would try to manipulate Starlight more easily. And it would be revealed as too late that the Sunburst that Starlight was with the whole time was a changeling spy in disguise. Then Chrysalis would hold the real Sunburst hostage to force Starlight Glimmer to do her bidding for his life on the line so she could reclaim her title of queen. And it would be up to the main 6 to save the real Sunburst, free Starlight from Chrysalis, and to bring Chrysalis to justice. With the result of Chrysalis getting killed by her own overconfidence.


So everypony, that’s my topic for today. I believe Sunburst is a changeling spy, and I this it will have a part in Chrysalis part of revenge and reclaiming her title of queen. So what do you guys think? Do you notice something or anything not quite right about Sunburst? Do you think the Sunburst we have being seeing this whole time is a changeling spy in disguise? Do you think the season 7 finale, or season 8 premier or finale with be just like this? Do tell me in the comments below, because I want to know what you think.

"I am Changeling Ren. And I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me the magic of friendship, and I will finish what you started."

The finished video will be up soon. :raritywink:

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