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Pretty much the most badass group to ever exist on FIMfiction. Why? Because why the hell not?

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Herrow everypony! :derpytongue2: I'm the stonemonarch, or Nefexox or Neonicbrony, whatevers :twistnerd: and your correct this is the most badass fan fiction group only consisting of 8 members. and question: Whats it take to post a story in the folders? is there like a requirement, do you need permission, what?

Well, Silver, I've got my fanfiction about Big Mac and Applejack having a psychopathic uncle who ends up finally splitting his final end when he comes to visit Ponyville and kidnaps Cheerilee, resulting in Big Mac having to save her (Shipfic, y'all)
And then there's My Little Celestia, where Filly Celestia is currently having misadventures with her caretaker David, but eventually they're going to have to make their way back to Equestria to kick some Nightmare Moon ass. (Totty seems to be enjoying it, along with most everyone else who's read it)
There's also that Chaos Gun fanfiction that I've been charged with writing, which is basically going to end up sounding like a Trollfic, what with Chaos Gun being all overpowered and everything, and getting all the bitches.
And finally, there's the story I'm working on with a friend about Scootaloo's childhood and how she came to be in Ponyville and meet Sweetie Belle and things like that.
So yeah. Not too much stuff.

Make me.


Really? Do tell. :twilightsmile:

This reminds me...


I've had one planned for... months now.

Necessary moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Anyone want to tell us what kind of fanfiction ideas they have in mind? :moustache:

Heck yeah! First post! :DD :pinkiehappy:

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