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  • 456 weeks
    Has it already been a year since OTTB?


    I need to get active again. Maybe ponder some ideas for that sequel that may or may not be happening, I don't know. Fun fucking times were had writing for OTTB. Fun times :)

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  • 469 weeks
    I'm back...sort of.

    Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

    I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here at FIM, and I might start with a one-shot story or two really soon. As far as major projects...we'll see how the rest of the year goes. But for now, look forward to a one-shot very soon.

    About SATS? I might revisit it later this year. I've sorta hit a wall with that one.

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  • 477 weeks
    I'm going on hiatus for the rest of the year...

    I'm really sorry guys, truly I am. I've just had a lot on my plate recently. It's virtually cracked.

    On the bright side, I did upload another song. You can check it out here.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season! Take care :)

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  • 481 weeks
    Sup guys!

    I just felt the need to tell my awesome followers and readers some things about what's been going on the past few weeks.

    I've been delving into other things such as music, reading, even drawing (though no one should ever see these, unless they want to be permanently blinded). I just needed to take a break from writing and allow my creativity to burst in other areas I enjoy just as much.

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  • 483 weeks
    Sweetie's going on a little hiatus...

    But not for long. Just long enough for the author to get his shit together and figure some things out. Until then :)

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Just a quick update... · 12:43am Feb 21st, 2012

Hello fellow FIMers!

I apologize about the lack of story updates. I've been working hard on my entry for the contest which took up all of my free time for story writing. I've also been transitioning to a full time schedule at work, and its been going great!

I will begin updating my current stories this week, but I can't tell you when exactly. SO much uncertainty at work still, but it'll work out. If I have to give a day, I would say expect an update no later than Thursday, starting with "Thank You, Miss Fluttershy."

Hope you guys are having an awesome week! Keep writing!

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Okay. The next time I give you guys a day by which I will update, just kick me in the mouth. Better yet, get Applejack to applebuck me in the mouth as hard as she can because I can't for the life of me keep a deadline!!! MUCH LESS MAKE ONE!!

Work has been really something recently. 'Nuff said. Expect the update tomorrow. Sorry :fluttercry:

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