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What if... · 4:58pm January 21st

Chrysalis was never against reforming?

Think about it.

After years of struggles and possible sacrifices, this very simple solution (giving love) that could've been useful from the get-go, it would be hard for her to immediately accept the current changeling kingdom's new way of life without feeling all her hard work in the past built up to nothing.

Her even more bitter actions after that point stemmed over her subjects changing. That, in her eyes, is the equivalent of an ungrateful child tossing a meal aside that mother spent all day preparing.

Which is why she stays the same, to have a sense of normalcy (plus, narcissism is still a character flaw of hers). If the idea of reforming came sooner, maybe she'd gladly change.

Could that be plausible enough, like someone could squeeze that into the show and would make sense, or am I missing a detail that derails that? Been a while since I've watched an episode. 🤔

Just a random thought that came to me while working on Li'l Chryssy. 👶

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Comments ( 5 )

ayo you got a point

The thing about canon Chrysalis is that, by the season 6 finale, its pretty clear that she is a narcissist¹. A narcissist only cares about themselves, often to the expense of others. The only reason why a narcissist would do something is if it benefited them first and foremost.

That being said, if you think you can get the concept to work, then go for it. Of all of the FIM villains Chrysalis is my favorite (Sombra is a close second) and I like to see different fan interpretations of her. I enjoyed Li'l Chryssy and I'd like to see what you can come up with from this concept.

One last thing, you don't have to make Chrysalis a narcissist. That's the beauty of fanfiction after all, you get to write your own interpretations on already established characters.

¹ One of the things I like the most about FIM is its use of "realistic" villains. There are no hammy, mustache-twirling Saturday morning cartoon villains here.

I mean, yeah, I still see her as narcissistic with this theory. If she wasn't, she'd see that her subjects reforming is for the good of the kingdom. Just a character flaw that can be worked out. Trixie was one as well, wasn't she?

Though I don't think you really see her truly mistreat her own pre-reformation. 🤔

This was just a thought that I wondered would be possible in canon, lol

This definitely could have been Incorporated to canon, if done properly¹. And yes, I believe Trixie was also a narcissist.

Speaking of Trixie, she was a narcissist and yet still completed a Heel-Face Turn. If Trixie can do it, there's really nothing to say that Chrysalis couldn't.

If anything, Chrysalis being a narcissist would make Redemption Arc even more interesting. Presumably, she'd be fighting against her narcissistic tendencies the entire way.

¹ On the same token, pretty much anything could've been incorporated into canon if done properly

I wonder if you've ever read this fic Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally). If anything, this is probably the most likely way for Chryssy to get reformed. She was still against reforming in the beginning, but in the sequel she slowly accepted the truth and decided to stay in that form. The whole reformation arc makes sense in this story. At least it convinced me.

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