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  • Wednesday
    I feel conflicted

    I've been a fan of Balan Wonderworld for nearly one month and I don't know if I should write a fanfiction or not. I've written a total of 3 M-rated fics (NiGHTS, Pokémon, and

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  • Wednesday
    No thanks

    I'm not looking forward to this. The live-action version holds a special place in my heart.

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    Cancel culture is not activism

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    A perfect description of Twitter

    From a Reddit user, they said, "Twitter is the world’s digital public restroom. There’s funny stuff written on the walls, but it smells like shit and is bad for your health."

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  • 1 week
    The hypocrisy of Disney in a nutshell

    Disney: We cancelled The Owl House because one of our executives think it doesn't fit our brand.

    Also Disney: Shows a scene in Amphibia where Marcy Wu gets impaled in her chest by King Andrias with his laser sword

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I have a new fictional crush 😊 · 1:34am September 24th

His name is Balan, the main protoganist of the Square Enix video game, Balan Wonderworld. I'm quite enamoured by the maestro's charisma and he reminds me so much of NiGHTS the Nightmaren. :raritywink:

The way that he presents himself brings me so much joy and left a lasting impression on everyone who met him. :twilightsmile: Even though his game was a commercial and critical failure, his gorgeous character design and fabulous appeal won the hearts of many. :heart:

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That does look like something from NIGHTS

There's even fanart of Balan and NiGHTS together in DeviantArt. I've faved a lot of them last night and the artists did amazing.

I remember when that game first came out I could never beat it loved the game and characters even though I could never beat the game. And really? I Should check that sometime

Thanks though not gonna lie when I was younger from the voice nights had I though he was a she and I had a crush on her till someone told me the truth lol

The pictures are amazing as well

When I discovered NiGHTS, their bio indicated that they're genderless, but I thought that they were female because of the sound of their voice. As I grew up and learned about different gender identities and sexual orientations, as well as LGBTQ+ representation in animation and video games, it made me respect NiGHTS even more and referred to them with non-binary pronouns.

Interesting good for them :twilightsmile:

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