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My final year of school starts tomorrow (+ final exam) · 7:37pm Aug 9th, 2021

Since my final year of school is starting, I'm gonna keep myself on track, no distractions, no anything (unless you have free time like me, you might know why i'm busy at this point.)

I also got Gimp on my PC right now.

Extra stuff:

I'm getting focus on my traditional animation with ponies, stop motion practices and stuff (Sonic EXE, FNAF, Bendy, DC Comics, Gravity Falls, ect.)

I was also in Deviantart for other reasons (www.Deviantart.com/PuzzlShield).

Sorry for the long waiting on The Puzzle Shield Series: The After-Journey, though. This next chapter might be a little different. Then, The Final Battle in Gotham City begins Soon (Plus the Epilogue of how Puzzle Shield and Smokey reforms Cozy Glow)

Hears how "(MLP/TPSS:TA-J/SM/2D Animation/OC/Crossover/IRL) Friendship Problem 3: The Element of Honesty: The Battle in Puzzle's Reality: The Autistic Infiltration" goes:
Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Basically It's about Puzzle, Smokey and Satan Teleport themselves to the Real World (Not the EG Way), Puzzle told Smokey and Satan about the Portal to Equestria was build, How she turned back time to Resurrect Smokey, Permanently erased Bill Cipher and reform Satan Shield in the first place.

Then, a strange Muffling came from the Game Room so, they've stayed low and check it out themselves. There was Springtrap and Freddy Fazbear carrying a cargo holder with both sides to lift. Inside of the cage was AJ's Element. So, Satan Shield was shocked of what they've saw. Then Puzzle, Smokey and Satan heard some talking on the other side, so, Puzzle, Satan and Smokey peaked their heads behind the wall to see Scar, Lord Zedd talking to Goldar, Glamrock Freddy and Bonnie on Stage, Sonic EXE in 2D form holding a glass of blood with a Black Tie with blood all over it talking to The Inverted Skull Trooper, Clayface in Lego Form talking to Kong, and Raven From Fortnite talking to the one who's leading them, Randall Boggs.

Satan Shield hears Randall saying he wants Immortality with AJ's Element, then when Puzzle Brings out her Sword of Autism ready to tear them limb from limb, but was distracted with the smell of punch and cider.

Then Satan Shield snapped Puzzle Shield out of it by Grabbing her tail, and pulled her to the ground.
Then, Satan Shield told Puzzle and Smokey to create a disturbance while Satan gets AJ's element, but Puzzle and Smokey left too soon.

(More information included in the real 2D and Stop Motion Video Coming Soon.)

I hope you have a nice day at school (including those who had the last year as I had and not those who already finished school).

I hope things go well for me at school.

Wish me luck.

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James. thanks for telling me that.

this is my final year so, I'll work on that.

thanks for the comment, btw.

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