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  • 119 weeks
    Do you understand?

    You might already know that my patience story has passed moderation, and I just want to say that if you have any questions or if you might not understand the plot then feel free to give me a message about any questions or something about the story that might be confusing to you :)

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  • 120 weeks
    My wish came true!!

    My story "This can't be love, right?" Has passed moderation!! I have never been this happy since I was a child

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  • 120 weeks
    New story

    I just submitted a story for you all while I continue writing "We don't forget" and once "We don't forget" is posted I will most likely take the patience story down, (unless a lot of people like the story and don't want me to take it down)

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  • 122 weeks
    Why Cozy Glow will most likley break free in "we don't forget"

    So one of the villains are gonna break free from stone in my newest story "We don't forget" while the other two die in stone but who has the highest chance of breaking free? Well the answer is: Cozy Glow. Cozy Glow is most likely gonna be the one that won't die in stone. Because from Discord's experience, in my AU he actually thought twice about

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  • 134 weeks
    Ship ranking: cozy glow edition

    Uhh hi if you ship any of these then that's fine, ship whatever you want just don't be toxic
    1.cozy glow x flurry heart: 8/10 I think this ship is cool and i like it
    2.tirek x cozy glow: 5/10 I think they would be like a couple who hate eachother if the ship became canon (which will never happen)

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Another annoucement · 4:22am Jun 21st, 2021

So I will be only submitting ONE of my stories and that is that only ONE just to be clear

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