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Gallant Rage

not into this shit anymore lol only check in when im bored

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  • 47 weeks

    i started college right
    still not 18 (pending like 80 something days)
    got my first research internship at this national lab
    and im signing the paperwork for my first place soon (its a little house which is nice)
    adult !

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  • 71 weeks
    hey shawties

    i just graduated today


    okay bye

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  • 85 weeks

    okay its been more than a month

    happy late valentines to everyone!!

    uhhhh i am a semi adult now 😐
    i filed my taxes for the first time
    busted my ass skiing the first time
    see yall later

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  • 144 weeks
    sup thots

    so i got reminded that this acc still exists so

    uh yeah school sucks ass
    driving sucks when your tire explodes mid drive
    im tired
    pm for like my discord or sumthin

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  • 169 weeks

    yeah oops haven't updated in a bit

    I'm now a junior in HS oops

    I start band camp in 2 weeks so I won't be on until like December (might post my classes when i get them)

    so yea

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hey shawties · 9:56pm May 19th, 2021

i just graduated today


okay bye

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