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not into this shit anymore lol only check in when im bored

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  • 9 weeks
    hey shawties

    i just graduated today


    okay bye

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  • 22 weeks

    okay its been more than a month

    happy late valentines to everyone!!

    uhhhh i am a semi adult now 😐
    i filed my taxes for the first time
    busted my ass skiing the first time
    see yall later

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  • 30 weeks
    yet another life update that nobody asked for

    so haha its been a hot minute BUT lemme give anyone who reads this a rundown

    1. i graduate soon and thats really spooky in my mind
    2. i got accepted to my dream school!!! im an astrophysics and aviation major :)
    3. my boyfriend put a ring on the finger if ya kno what i mean ;)
    4. I'm also working as a customer lead at a grocery store so like im usually busy now

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  • 82 weeks
    sup thots

    so i got reminded that this acc still exists so

    uh yeah school sucks ass
    driving sucks when your tire explodes mid drive
    im tired
    pm for like my discord or sumthin

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  • 106 weeks

    yeah oops haven't updated in a bit

    I'm now a junior in HS oops

    I start band camp in 2 weeks so I won't be on until like December (might post my classes when i get them)

    so yea

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hey shawties · 9:56pm May 19th

i just graduated today


okay bye

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