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My Review of Steven Universe: The Movie · 2:49am Jan 13th, 2021

Rating Scale:

12/10—a complete masterpiece; flawless and outstanding
11/10—Excellent, near-perfect film
10/10—the standard rating; awesome film with a couple of flaws
9/10—a wonderful film with several flaws
8/10–a great film with numerous flaws but not enough to ruin it
7/10—a fun and entertaining movie; not great but still enjoyable
6/10—a slightly above average film; it is something I might watch again
5/10—mediocre movie; not awful but not great either
4/10—a below average film; it could have been much better
3/10—a bad film; poorly written and poorly executed
2/10—a very bad movie; the few good things in the movie overshadowed by the bad things
1/10—a terrible movie; a total waste of time
0/10—a worthless piece of abomination; should have never been made


Good evening, folks. Here is my review of Steven Universe: The Movie per request of one of my followers Heroic412227. To be honest with you all, I have never watched this Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe. In fact, this very movie is basically my introduction to the entire series as a whole. Thus, I had very low expectations before seeing this animated movie, but after watching the whole film, I must say... it was actually enjoyable. I was initially unaware that this film was a musical which would explain the repetitive singing throughout the movie. I was annoyed at first until I did my research. So now I can definitely tolerate it and actually enjoy the songs. Here’s what I liked in the movie:

1). I am really impressed with the voice acting and the wonderful animation of this film. The voice actors and actresses truly gave their all into their performances of their respective characters. Zach Callison did great as Steven Universe, Estelle was not that bad as Garnet, Deedee Magno as Pearl was truly wonderful, and likewise the rest of the cast. Steven Universe in particular was really... intriguing to say the least. I liked how his character was developed throughout the film and how he had to find a way to save his friends while he was in a perilous condition as a half-human. Again, I haven’t seen the show yet, so I’m judging based on this film’s merits alone.

2). Other characters were also really interesting. Peridot has an appealing design and personality. I don’t know why, but I like her more than the others. Amethyst was... okay but not that great in my opinion. Greg Universe though was so funny! I liked the part where he just walked out of the bathroom and saw everyone else suddenly glaring at him with their weapons raised until he yelled, “Okay! Fine, I’ll wash my hands!” I laughed at that part. 😂 The Diamonds were just a little annoying however. I understand how much they cared for Steven, but they were just so unbearable to listen to... not to mention that their faces are just... so creepy to me. Ughhh... those faces... and eyes. They speak EVIL!!!

But I might get used to them sooner or later.

3). There is this one particular character I am DYING to mention:

By the Primes, this. Is. The. Best. Character. In. This. MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Guys, I seriously need help. Something came over me the very moment I saw this lovely creature on screen. She is deliciously evil, sadistic, humorous, intelligent, cunning, intimidating, threatening, powerful, and full of wickedly jolly personality. She is basically an evil version of Pinkie Pie with the attractive sass of Harley Quinn and the flexible, elastic powers of Plastic Man. Combine them all and BOOM! You have Spinel!!

Honestly, if she were in real life, I would date her or marry her in a heartbeat. That’s how much I am in love with this villainess. If that’s weird to you, then how would you react to see her then? Of course, even after she was reformed, I still like her. Her own maturity in understanding friendship and relationships at how one has to work hard to earn that trust was a really great sign of solid character writing. If I were to choose between her and Harley Quinn, I would choose Spinel in a heartbeat. Gosh, Sarah Stiles, you truly have brought life to this character. Plus, I really liked her villain song “Other Friends”.

4). Speaking of which, the rest of the songs were sung well and directed well. I am not a fan of all of them, but I really like most of them. The story was done right, the character development was fantastic, the humor was great, the music was just mesmerizing (most of it though), and the voice acting was spot on. I probably don’t even need to watch the show to know the entire story. I dunno, I might still watch it in the future. For those of you who have watched the show, is it good to watch? Is it recommendable?

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and it’s own concept, story, and music. Therefore, I rate it a 10/10. By the time Heroic412227 asked me if I could review this movie, I haven’t even watched it yet. So in a way, because of him/her, I was introduced to this film. Thank you, Heroic. If you’re blushing right now, don’t be embarrassed. You deserve a shoutout. :raritywink:

Comments ( 11 )

Thanks for reviewing the movie. Hey, what did you think of Spinel's tragic backstory and her song "Drift Away"? Was it heartbreaking and very emotional?

You’re very welcome.

Yes, it was very well done. I actually felt bad for her especially after the way she was cruelly abandoned like that. My girl didn’t deserve that treatment! :heart:

No, thank YOU for recommending this. :raritywink:

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I highly recommend watching the series. You have to watch the episodes in chronological order so you can understand the story.

Thank you. I definitely will. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed the whole series. After having finished watching it all the way through, I can say that it was definitely worth a watch. Thanks for recommending this, Anthro. :pinkiesmile:

No problem. There's also an epilogue limited series that touches upon Steven's mental health and psychological trauma that resulted from the events of the main series and the movie.

I've watched that too and also liked it.

Greetings, my friend. How are you?

I just want to let you know that I made my reviews for Steven Universe Future and Steven Universe . I figured that considering you’re a huge fan of both shows, you would check out my takes on them if you’re interested. Let me know what you think.

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