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  • 547 weeks
    Morgan Freeburger

    So I made this. It kinda sucked so I talked to this guy I know,

    He gave me this:

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  • 551 weeks
    Hey a blog post.

    1. For some reason people like The Blacklight that Shines Inside, so I'm revising it.
    2. I have an idea to bring back the story I mentioned in my last blog post.
    3. This will all have to wait until exactly 6 days from now. I'm going out of town for a while.
    4. Hi, haven't talked to anyone in awhile.
    5. There is no 5.

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  • 556 weeks
    Does anypony remember this?

    Well, do you?

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  • 557 weeks

    So the next chapter of TBSI is going to be postponed. Sorry guys my weekdays are crammed.

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  • 563 weeks

    So I plan on making this. That is all.

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Updates · 5:09am Nov 25th, 2012

To anyone who reads these. It seems that I update stories like once a month. From now on I have decided to make this my official release date. If you don't see a chapter after a month, then it is late. That being said new update for The Blacklight that Shines Inside should be out the 27th of November (three days for now give or take a few hours for time zones). If anyone has a problem with these updates then tell me in the comments. Yes I actually care.

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