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  • Saturday
    I don't recommend investing in binary options

    Yesterday, I deposited $200 to my account on Olymp Trade and received a 50% bonus ($100). I started trading and despite betting in small amounts, I ended up with more losses than gains.

    This morning, I traded again with my remaining money at around $260. I went on betting moderate amounts which resulted in 10 gains and 9 losses, though they were not enough to get back to $300.

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  • Friday
    It's been exactly a decade since the passing of Amy Winehouse

    July 23, 2011 was the date of Amy Winehouse's unexpected death. One of the most iconic musicians was a subject of controversy, criticism, and media attention due to her problems with drug and alcohol addiction.

    The 50-minute video below created by SL04N explains how her life went downhill after her rise to success with her second and final album, Back to Black.

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  • Friday
    Oh boy

    After A New Legacy, a 3rd Space Jam is already in the talks by director Malcolm D. Lee, suggesting Dwayne Johnson as the main protagonist and changing the sports theme from basketball to professional wrestling. I'm apprehensive that this would create even more divisive opinions.

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  • Wednesday
    Give credit where credit is due

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  • 6 days
    I'm surprised Binging with Babish hasn't made this yet

    The greasy and artery-clogging concoction, the Kanker Burgers, is a guilty pleasure of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. The ingredients include pickles, fish sticks, cheese, lard, and ketchup. Quite an odd combination that doesn't sound healthy.

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The level of stupidity is beyond embarrassing · 1:46pm Sep 5th, 2020

Wearing a mask is one of the ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Why the hell is it being politicized? :facehoof:

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some people just want something to go against

Don't they realize that they're putting their health at risk?

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