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  • Friday

    This story has 13 likes. And my username is No name 13

    What the hell me..... :facehoof:

    3 comments · 20 views
  • Friday
    New story!

    Go on! What are you waiting for?

    2 comments · 30 views
  • Wednesday
    This one watches me......

    Yeah..... I'm gonna have to change my bio due to the fact that my profile stalks me......

    It's gonna be hard to write comments.

    7 comments · 93 views
  • Tuesday
    Les talk! #1: Beyblade

    So, a few of us know about the series Beyblade. Or..... I think. These series feature Valt aoi and his friends on his quest to become the best.

    Or, at least that's what it was. Allow me to explain.

    You see, when Beyblade burst turbo came out, something was different.

    The main character had been switched. To this guy:

    Read More

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  • Tuesday

    I was thinking, do these constant changes in my profile get annoying? Just asking.

    20 comments · 72 views

Confuzzled fox · 8:18pm July 10th

"Hey Tails!"

Oh! Hi Surn! what's up?

"Eh, nothing much, you?"

Same here.

"What do you mean? Isn't Sonic around?"


"Come on Tails! Stop lying to me!"

What do you mean? I'm not lying.


Look Surn, I'm not lying! Sonic is not around!

"Eh, too bad. I was hoping to have a race with him......"

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