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  • 452 weeks

    Tired... I'm so very tired.

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  • 483 weeks
    Author funk.

    So, I'm currently in a major creative funk, and can't manage to write anything down. Its been a couple of weeks now and all I have is about 150 words... joy. Consider Misfits on a hiatus for now.

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  • 493 weeks
    Mech art.

    Mech drew an awesome picture of Snakebite. I'm so happy.

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    A picture of Snakebite that askpuppysmiles did for me. :D

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    A picture I commissioned by http://cg-sphinx.deviantart.com/ of humanized Snakebite.

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Weariness. · 7:16pm Nov 22nd, 2012

Tired... I'm so very tired.

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What's wrong man? You know you can talk to me, any of us.

Man you can talk to us here and on on skype if you want my number man ill give it to you.

You are an awesome person. You may have your doubts, but I present this supporting evidence.

You have produced excellent stories that bring life to well developed characters. Your stories work because despite just being words on a screen, your characters feel like they have thoughts, emotion, and soul behind them.

Your conflicts are well scaled and empathetic. Everyone can envision a town full of people. Everyone has a select few friends they can relate to and trust. Everyone knows what is is like to carry a burden that is difficult for others to understand. This allows the character building choices to be empathetic at the most granular level. Something that is overlooked by most authors and provides a solid foundation for your story.

You do not pull punches when it conflict arrives in sense of identity and sexual trauma. Two areas I struggled and failed with at the time I picked up this story. Stumbling upon one other person who was willing to talk about it moved mountains when it came to working though the severe shame I felt and help move on with my life. I was no longer impossibly alone.

Authors don't always intend to do great things. They just speak from the heart the best they can and hope it connects with people. You're better than you give yourself credit for. No matter how tired and empty you may feel, you always have the strength to hear a few kind words.

got to ask are you still writing or are your stories dead?

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