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UPDATE WEEKEND! · 2:51pm June 5th

Ok, the results are in.
1) Firebreather-5
2)Dragon Bounty Hunter-3
3)Dragon Rider-3
4) Purple Scale-3
5)Every journey-2
6)Dragon Mommies-2
7) Dragon on the Moon-1

Just to tell you guys, Fire Breather is one of the 2 stories that only has 2 chapters that are finished.

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Comments ( 17 )

For how long I've been waiting for that story to update, two chapters are better than none... Sorry, I didn't mean for that to come out harsh or mean-spirited!

Doesn't matter. But Firebreather must be very popular to get more votes.

TAD2 #3 · June 5th · · ·


Thanks for the support on it, but the reason why it's taken so long is becasue of the length, I've noticed that I've been hitting the 5k+ range on chapters, and from my work, this next chapter is the longest I've written at 12k plus a bit.

Wow. And I'm just support?

...ok my dude. What I need you to do is chill out. I need you to focus on one story. Don't get me wrong I am subscribed and watching most all of your stories. But 99% of your stories are unfinished. Just focus on one I don't care which one but just finish it. You are spreading yourself too thin with too many stories.

TAD2 #6 · June 5th · · ·

Dude, you gave it a great review, you've helped me with some really cool points, and I'm making 5 of your characters into some really big parts, support is the least I'd call your involvement in the story. Plus you've been around for a long time almost since the start and I really appreciate it.

TAD2 #7 · June 5th · · ·

I know, but in my opinion, it helps me develop each of my stories, I take concepts from one story and see how it could play out in my others, plus writing helps me relax, but focusing on a single story is hard for me.

12k!? Man, even JD hasn't written something that long in a while!

I think it has more to do with what he is in the mood for writing about at the moment. Granted, multitasking is risky, but there are people that can handle it.

TAD2 #9 · June 5th · · ·

Well that's not even the most I've written, I've finished a few chapters in Dragon On The Moon, one of which is the full Saturday at the cabin that Luna set up, that one is 15k+.

Thanks. Wait, I haven't review 'Firebreather' yet.

Thought you did? You’ve done 2 of my stories one was little dragon daycare and the other was dragon mommies. Sorry. Just looked it up.

was the voting from your other blog post a one vote only thing, cause i well you saw my comment i said the first and second i would like to see updated but if you did counted only one vote then i guess i answered my question.

I took all suggestions and counted them

oh well i guess that one vote is me :moustache: for dragon on the mooon

Thank you for that one, I just finished another chapter for that, today, making it easily over 100k+ words once everything is published.

no problem brother.

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