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Displaced · 7:26pm May 16th, 2020

Is there a displace story where someone gets displace as pvt Daniels from codww2

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Dude, I'm planning for making the story :rainbowlaugh:

But it might take awhile for me to start making it though

Well, I have tow stories that used COD WW2 as inspiration, in one of them, the main character has traits of him

I really mean it brother, but it might to take some time for me to make it. Cause I've been very busy lately.

5263677 make his main weapon the m1 grand with the beyonet

Well, if you want to. I'll be more than happy to make it

Im a huge ww2 fan love the game aswell

Insyaallah, you have my word comrade!

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