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    Happy Independence Day

    Hey everyone, Happy Independence Day.

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  • 1 week
    Legion Character Bio: Steeljaw

    Species: Cybertronion
    Fraction: Decepticon
    Resemblance: Wolf
    Vehicle: Jeep (I think)
    Equipment: Claws
    Speciality: Sub-sonics
    Role: one of Darth Wrex's officers, Leader of the Steeljaw Army, and top Decepticon enforcer

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    Hey everyone, I now have 100 followers. APoeticHeart, take a bow.

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    Legion Object Bio: Sombra Crystal weapons

    After Darth Wrex acquired a large amount of Sombra crystals, he started researching them. He discovered while the crystals nullifies unicorn magic, when the crystals cut someone, the individual in question sees their greatest fear. The larger the cut, the longer the effects are. After creating a dagger out of Sombra crystals, Wrex discovered the effects still works. Wrex manage to forge enough

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    Legion Object Bio: The Dark Spark

    After Darth Wrex acquired a large amount of Dark Energon, he began experimenting with it. His effort proved successful. He created the Dark Spark. Much like the Allspark, the Dark Spark can create Cybertronion Sparks. But the Dark Spark can only create Decepticon Sparks. These Decepticons are loyal solely to Darth Wrex and his allies. All that is required are vehicles to give Sparks. Effects of

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Spin-Off · 3:52pm April 14th

Greetings and Salutations, my name is Wrex and this is my review. This review will be on a spin-off series of 'Equestria Ninja Girls'. It's 'Equestria Ninja Gem' and the sequel 'Equestria Ninja Girls: Skylanders Quest'. This storyline is interesting. While it isn't directly tied to the official storyline, it's still nice to see both group making new friends. Shows you no matter where you go, you can make a new friend. There's a twist that will leave you surprised, but I won't spoil it. There are some grammatical errors and incorrect spelling, but still good. I give this story a 9 out of 10.

Report Darth Wrex · 51 views · #Spin-Off
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Comments ( 20 )

Well, thank you very much! I'm glad to see you like them so much! :pinkiehappy:

Yes I admit it's good to see others trying a hand at my crossover series instead of asking me to do it

Your still the master of it.

I look forward to future chapters, my friend.

Well, if you have any requests, I'm always open.

5242324 Not currently, besides I already got a new crossover planned

Really, what is it?

Thank you, I will do my best.

5242328 Carmen Sandiego Netflix series

I know. I thought that was going to be part of the 'Equestria Ninja Girls' storyline. I think I'm confusing myself.

5242368 Yeah you are. That Carmen story will be part of the Equestria Ninja Girls storyline

Well, I got that on my list of Franchises to crossover with Equestria Ninja Girls.

Okay. What about 'The Last Kids on Earth'?

I'll have to research on the series, but I'll add it to the list.

If you have Netflix, should be easy.

I do actually.

Perfect, you'll be able to get the notes. But, wait until Friday.

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