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    I had my therapy session on Wednesday

    It was my 17th session overall. I talked to my therapist about what recently happened in my life. I cried in the middle of the session when I told him about suicidal thoughts running around my mind because of the unbearable noises my mom unintentionally makes in the house.

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    This sucks

    Since January 15, I noticed that my mom's way of doing everyday tasks around the house seems to be in a nagging manner, although unintentional. The way she handles things such as utensils, plates, pans, buckets, water scoopers, and closing doors makes it seem like she exerts unnecessary force.

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    Holy shit! #1 again?!

    I logged in to my Wattpad account to see the rankings of my fanfictions. Here is what I saw.

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    See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, Paycheck!

    This is certainly a win for the animation industry. I honestly don't know if Iger would fix the 2-year mess, but at least Paycheck is no longer involved.

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    All the more reasons to hate Bob Paycheck (Also, no thanks to Disney+)

    I watched the news about Bob Paycheck's awful remarks about animation. I'm disgusted but not surprised at all that he's one of the people who have the "animation is for kids" mindset.

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Steven Universe: The Movie poster · 12:09am Jul 10th, 2019

Here is the first poster for the upcoming Steven Universe movie. As you can see, Steven is taller, wears a different shirt with a jacket, and the Crystal Gems are in their new forms, which confirms that the movie is a timeskip, taking place after Change Your Mind. Also, the Crystal Temple has been fully repaired and upgraded with a dome, along with the installation of a new barn. Finally, the new villain with the upside down heart-shaped gem has been revealed. Her name and voice actress are yet to be announced.

A trailer for the movie will be released on July 19th, 2019 during the Steven Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Comments ( 8 )

Wait... That villain looks familiar...


Now that you mention it, she looks a lot like Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot.


Curious about where those other gems have gone...

You mean the Gems that have been healed?

I'm guessing some of them went back to Homeworld with the Diamonds and some reside in the new barn. I might be wrong, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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