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haha yea

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  • 140 weeks
    I live

    That is all.

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  • 226 weeks

    Every year i have to come and edit something on my profile because the retard from last year wrote something stupid.

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  • 252 weeks
    Changing my name

    My name is now Sorril because i can. Also ded is a trash name.

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  • 336 weeks

    (I made this blog for the cover of my page but i thought this would be very fitting for a "get to know me" kinda thing)
    Welcome to this page.........
    You probably have no idea who i am and why this idiot just followed you.
    I come here for stories. Mainly SoarinDash stories. I attempted to write a story once and it ended in complete failure.

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I live · 7:30pm Mar 23rd, 2019

That is all.

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