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hello my friends i Zen-Aku the god of the phantom lycanthrope's, i welcome you to my den. If you wish to join my ever growing loyal pack all you need is to follow me

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  • 19 weeks
    Happy new years 2024

    I want to wish everyone here a very happy new years and may this year be less sucky for us all

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  • 123 weeks
    Happy new years

    And I hope 2022 is better for you all

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  • 176 weeks
    Happy new years

    Happy new years to everyone, let's pray that that 2021 is better than 2020

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  • 176 weeks
    New years

    Less than 2 hours for new years here in Aruba, can't wait:raritystarry:

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  • 233 weeks
    Got pokemon sword

    Alright got me sword version need help deciding my team, so far on my team so far is
    Level: 10
    Nickname: none
    Water gun

    Level 9
    Nickname: none
    Power trip
    Hone claws

    Anyone have any recommendation?

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2 years · 7:37pm Jan 8th, 2019

wow, it has been 2 years and 1 day since i joined FimFiction and even longer than that since i read my first story before i decided to make my account here.
thanks to everyone who still followed and befriending me and stayed with me after so long

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