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  • 166 weeks
    Haha! Again

    New fic is up, first chapter anyway. Prologue, actually... Don't know how often I'll update it, I don't think I'm going to push myself to be too regular or anything. This is mostly for my own enjoyment, so I'm going to do things at my pace.

    Lots of love.

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  • 252 weeks
    Quick update.

    Maybe relevant, who knows. Just thought this should be put on record.

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  • 260 weeks
    Where I've been

    November 30th, 2018.
    Three and a half years, or thereabouts. That's a long hiatus. I hate that word, hiatus.

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  • 452 weeks
    Technical Difficulties

    Yeah, I haven't been able to write at all for the past two weeks. The Galaxy Tab 2 which I used to do all my writing on decided it wanted a new battery, and then it also decided it wanted a new charger, so I've been unable to do any writing whatsoever. Thankfully the tablet is now fully restored to its original functionality (I hope) and I should be back to regular writing within the next few

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  • 458 weeks
    Shamefully shameless self promotion

    Okay, did it.
    Hay, look, I got a lot of stuff on my Deviant Art that is relevant to the things I do here. Also I'm really invested in my artwork and I'd like some opinions.
    I'm a horrible person and should hate myself. I know.

    Love you.

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Where I've been · 10:09am Nov 30th, 2018

November 30th, 2018.
Three and a half years, or thereabouts. That's a long hiatus. I hate that word, hiatus.
Look, I don't know if any of this will get to anypony, who knows how much traffic I'll see as things progress, or if they'll progress at all, but all the same I've been inactive for a long time, but that doesn't mean my mind ever stopped creating fantasies of hooved misfortune. But that's neither here nor there in regards to this blog post. This blog post is about where I've been. Here's a quick rundown on how the past 3 years have been:
Graduated high school,
Bought a new car,
Got a job,
Got into racing.
Got into trouble with the cops, and stopped racing. Yeah, it was that kind of racing.
Got out of some of my trouble with the cops, and found out who my real friends were.
Got a new job. Pro tip: don't deal drugs, even if it's legal with a license and everything. Big pharma is evil.
Beat depression (I think) and beat arthritis (for now.)
Got another new job, one that pays well and doesn't require me to risk my life or peddle plastic death to the elderly.
Now I'm in college and life's better than it's ever been.

Big things coming, hopefully. Got it all planned out, more or less. Either I pull this off and everypony's surprised, or I fail miserably and nopony is.

Oh, and if anyone that knows me personally happens to put two and two together and connect me to this page, well, don't make a scene of it. I'd hate to have to introduce you to Mr. Kalash. Just kidding. Maybe.

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