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  • 473 weeks
    I Quit. Period.

    You want "Renewal", you can have it. I never belonged in this fandom anyway.

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  • 474 weeks
    Revised "Still Alive, Chapters 4 & 5"

    I don't know why it asked for a password in viewing the chapters, I didn't set one. Fixing...

    As I said, after work, sanity loss and raging (at story and work) I can type regularly again, though updates will still be sporadic. Writer's block on a daily basis sucks. Know what to type, but not how to type it.

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  • 481 weeks
    Temporary Hiatus...

    Back in school. Swamped with work. Getting out of hand. Need to take a temporary leave of absence to get my work under control.

    Don't worry. I have no intention of abandoning the story, but for the next week or two I'll have to reprioritize.

    On the flip side-ish, I'm about 1/3 done with the next part. Don't know if that's good news, but there it is.

    I'm really sorry about this.

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  • 485 weeks
    Hello...it's been a while...

    I apologize for not updating for a long time, been going through a sort of "crisis of faith" recently (about if I can rightly call myself a brony, actually). Still not over it, I don't know if I ever really will be, but I'm here again and ready to type up the next part of Renewal.

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  • 492 weeks
    An Update Regarding Chapter 2

    For those who have read my story and are paying attention to it:

    I'm nearly finished with chapter 2. I should be finished typing it in a day or two, afterwhich I'll retype the chapter into FimFiction and submit it. Should be up by the end of Thursday the 21st at the latest.

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I Quit. Period. · 12:34am Nov 3rd, 2012

You want "Renewal", you can have it. I never belonged in this fandom anyway.

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