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“Marks For Effort” Reaction · 9:33am Jun 9th, 2018

Oho. Another CMC episode. And they wanted to try to get INto the school, and not out. Well, the friendship school is a different kind of school, and much more fun than the Prison I’ve been forced to attend for at least twelve years. 😣

Good continuity on Spike getting used to his wings. And one ☝️ thing to learn about Spike, never leave him alone with kids, or he’ll turn them into patriotic dragons...which doesn’t sound bad to me. :ajsmug:

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seem to be close to getting diabetes when I see kids look at you and say “pleeease.” Especially the CMC. Man, we really need to ban cuteness, because it can be deadly.

Oh no...oh no...they’re gonna replicate lesson zero, aren’t they...? Phew, good thing It didn’t last the whole episode, but I did enjoy their amusing attempts. I’ll give them marks for effort.

*holding laughter*

:unsuresweetie: what’s so funny?

*clears throat* nothing....repeatie Belle. *rofl*

Anyway. As for the new character, Cozy Glow. (Pretty name by the way.) She...looks familiar. I could have sworn I’ve seen a human child version of her back in the 1940’s, with the same hair style and the way they talk all cutesy-wutesy....anyway, I like her.

The history of radishes? Seriously?....for all the 💩 I give toward government schools, at least they never spend so much time talking about something THIS trivial. At least as far as I can remember.

Now, this episode had me guessing wrong a few times. One of them, I thought Cozy Glow was recruiting the CMC’s to help her get good grades with little effort, like how girls use their flirting and charm to get beta-male nerds to do their homework for them. I’ve seen this trope SO many times growing up. It turns out, I was wrong. Cozy purposely failed in order to help the CMCs get into the school. The writer sure did keep me guessing. Marks for effort.

Speaking of the CMCs, when they got invited to the principals office, I mean Twilight’s office, I was genuinely confused and asking myself “what did they do wrong? Why is Twilight mad at them? And how the hell did Cozy fail after all that hard work?” So yeah, I was really feeling the CMC’s uncertainty in this. Although this line got me laughing so, so hard.

“Who is the Princess of Friendship? Your mom.”

:rainbowlaugh: Where did Cozy learn how to say that? 🤣

Anyway, glad things worked out for the best and I will definitely be watching this episode again, and again.

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