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New to Fimfiction and I am a brony. I like making stories an I wan't to share them with everyone.

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  • 13 weeks
    Chapter 2 is out

    Hey guys! Chapter 2 of unhinged is out. I'll make chapter 3 when I'm done with school work. Just a few more days and boom! Vacation. I already know what chapter 3 is about. Hint hint it's about Starlight and Sunburst

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  • 14 weeks
    Thank you!

    I just came back to this website after I think 2 years heheh. It's great that my new story has gotten 6 likes anf a few comments. I know it isn't that big, but it is something. I hope I get chapter 2 of unhinged released. And yeah The Elemental war story will be cancelled since I lost my creative vision.

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  • 162 weeks
    I need help!!

    Hello everyone again! I need help with a new story which is only 1 chapter. I decided to make a story with a "Diss Track" theme while I'm thinking for the future chapters of the Elemental war. This is the cover of the story.

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  • 163 weeks
    Should I make a mature story?

    Hello everyone again. Today Im gonna discuss about Mature stories. So I recently I turned on mature mode and I saw some stories with the Letter M on it. I know it stand's for mature and I was thinking, maybe I should make a mature story but no sexual themes on it since I don't like writing those kind of stories. For my mature stories will have to be really graphic and must have swearing but

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  • 163 weeks
    Planning a new book

    Hey bronies! So I was thinking of making a new book after I finish the Elemental War story. So it won't have anything related to the elemental war and it will be set in an alternate universe so it's an alternate timeline with some changes. I will reveal the title when the time is right.:twilightsmile:

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New guy on the block · 11:52am May 31st, 2018

Hello. So i am new to fimfiction. I have experience of writing stories on wattpad so I think I can handle this site. My new Story isn't that popular but it's still worth it sharing it to Fimfiction. Still in progress of act 9 currently. Please follow me and support my story so that I can continue making more.


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