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“Molt Down” impression · 2:52am May 31st, 2018



This was an unexpected surprise. spike has wings HE HAS WING!!! NEW WINGS!!! YEEEHAW! Hi-ho-diggity! This gives new things to explore about Spike in future episodes. 😁😁

Pinkie was funny. Her comedic timing was spot-on, especially when she wanted to play “shout-out.” :pinkiehappy:

And huh. The orange dragon finally has a useful role here. It was brief, but important.

The return of peewee was sore inducing because of it reminded me of that horrible episode. Both Josh, Voice of Reason and I share great contempt for how that episode. 😡

Rarity, Rarity, Rarity. When are you going to either throw Spike a bone or break his heart gently. This romance joke has been dragging on for too long.

Well, I gotta say. I really, really love this episode. Gonna watch it again. 👍

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