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What's this?! · 11:24pm May 11th, 2018

About last weekend of this month just looking up something on e621 randomly and find this image

i'm like going "Oh my god, i can't believe it! it's so cute." they even have a ship name it's thorburst.
this pairing is gonna get featured in a sombra x spike fic but it will be very down the line in my backlog of stories for fimfiction!?
couldn't link the pic off e621 but found it on a site called Weasyl that's where i got it from.

anyways i prose a fic challenge to any writers on the grounds of
a.) you can be male and female
b.) who have never heard of this pairing,thought about or dreamed it was impossible (having a ship name)
c.) being active on fimfiction 24/7
the stories can be cute or really smutty (personally i think thorax has a kinky side to him that no pony knows accept for spike. he trusts that dragon with his life!)
this fic challenge is free of choice no obligation or tricks involved! if anybody wants or is willing to write one...
i'm just opening the floodgates for more gay thorax stories.

p.s: to the artist in question - i'm not gonna use the pic on any cover art of my stories at all. just thought i'd share it with everyone. if you have a problem with it i'll delete the blog post or take the picture out!

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