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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.

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  • Today
    New Contest: Win a Story Request!

    Okay, so let's have some fun, get some cuteness overload and a new fanfiction to boot!

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  • Monday
    Chapter Seven is Out!!!

    Story is still looking great, hoping y'all are continuing to enjoy it as well.

    Chapter Seven:

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  • 1 week
    Looking for Tunes

    Do you want a free request? Help me find music.

    So im looking for a new band, something that will either inspire me to create new art, or something i can listen too while writing. Im into pretty much anything but avoid overly sexualized music. Stuff i might enjoy would include chillhop, seird absract stuff, or good metal/post rock.

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  • 1 week
    Chapter Six is Out!!!

    Chapter Six of Home is Where the Hearth Is is out now.

    Chapter Link

    And for those of you that still need something new to read, I have a new book out and best of all it is free. Love Death and Magic

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  • 1 week
    Thinking of Requests or Commissions

    I've been thinking about opening up requests for stories or doing some commissions for short stories. I don't just want to accept random requests though, I want it to be fun. I'm thinking much like in the past when I've looked for random things and paid people in short stories, I might do something similar. Or I might just open commissions and do like, five dollars a short story or something.

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An Awesome Video Talking About Creativity. · 10:25pm Apr 25th, 2018

So one of my favorite youtubers made a video talking about how to go about getting ideas for stories. I watched it ages ago but thought it might be a really great video to share out in case anyone here has ever struggled with writers block or just having a hard time looking for inspiration.

Green Path For Creativity and Ideas

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