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just want to read lots of stories and possibly write a few of my own if i feel like it.

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  • 420 weeks
    I'm trying to write but i don't have any time.

    I will use this as a chance to apologize for not updating any of my stories lately. I have been covered in mountains of work for school and other things. I do however have the next chapter of New Rome nearly complete, plus the majority of the story now planned out. I hope to have chapter 4 out soon, but i make no guarantees. Until then, you can enjoy a new PMV from my good friend Evilcupcake48

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  • 432 weeks
    The United Empire of New Rome is now here.

    I have returned, and i brought a new story, New Rome. Read it if you want a war on Equestria style fic with mystery and adventure mixed in. It is quite the fic, if i do say so myself. If you don't want to read it, ok then. I apologize for my absence, i have no excuses.

    Here are a few new PMVs from my good friend Evilcupcake48 on Youtube. Enjoy.

    The Islander - By Nightwish

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  • 443 weeks
    I have nothing important to say

    As stated in the title, i really have nothing important to say. So, i shall tell you all why i have been lacking when it comes to updates. School is killing all my free time and I'm using what little i have to write a new story I've been working on for a while. First chapter's done but i'm not uploading until at least 2 chapters have been written.

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  • 449 weeks
    New Story, You Write It!!! YAY!!!

    I apologize for my lack of updates. I blame school and procrastination. I hope to update Arctic chill soon, but i still have to finish writing the chapter and my computer hates me. I will be putting up a new story soon and I have a surprise for you... I shall let the fans write it. This is a little experiment of mine. I need to update more and if I have this to do I will. Also I want to see

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  • 466 weeks
    OC Name Submission

    Hello every pony, Dragonrider Goku here asking a favor of you. My story Changed Worlds, Changed Minds cannot continue unless i recieve more names to use for main characters. I really am not good with this stuff so any submission will be great. I will be accepting names to use as well as bios if you want some personality of your own choice. these names will be used for both villagers from the

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OCs Wanted · 4:16am Nov 6th, 2012

I am in need of new names to use for my story Changed Worlds, Changed Minds and therefore would like to ask a question of my readers. If you have a good OC name for a character in my story, could you send me the name and possibly a description of their personality. I will give credit to all whos names are used in the story. Until more names are given, the story CWCM will not be updated.
On another note, I apologize for lack of updates in the past week or 2. I have been very busy with school and havent found time to type another chapter for either story. I will update shortly.
Until then,
~Dragonrider Goku~

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What type of O.C.,s you looking for, because my main o.c. in general is slightly O.P.:pinkiehappy:

HMMMM maybe not. Too late to say.

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