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  • 30 weeks
    I dont fear death

    I fear what comes after death... I need certainties...

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  • 40 weeks
    Think I'm sick

    I think I'm sick and I hate it... I hate being sick...

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  • 41 weeks

    So, I was thinking, what triggers my horrible social and personal anxiety, and while I could be edgy and say "It's people that breath... man..." I feel like a lot of my social anxiety is caused by my innate fear of asking for help or confrontation... I will flat out refuse to talk to cashiers, help staff, or anyone who is there to help out of fear of being laughed at or that the confrontation

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  • 41 weeks

    Does anyone know how to get into D&D, Pathfinder, or tabletop RPGs? I have no friends in real life and can't really leave my house, so anyone know how to get into something like this without the availability of leaving my house, cause I really wanna get into D&D

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  • 41 weeks

    I love alliteration, along with consonance and assonance, but I love alliteration because it just feels good to say things that just feel right, my favorite types of alliteration are those in songs, excluding Alphabet Aerobics, cause, obviously, but one line in Blockbuster Night part 1 by Run The Jewels is "I deal in dirty work, do the deed and then dash, ditch'em" which isn't the best

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FUCK SPIDERS!!! · 2:27pm Jan 7th, 2018

I just came across the biggest Brown Recluse I have ever seen... thing was like 9 inchs from the end of it's leg to the other end of it's leg... HELL NAH, TO THE HELL NAH!!! I DON'T FUCK WITH SPIDERS!!! I'm now trapped in my basement... send help...

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