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  • 424 weeks
    The Endtimes Are Upon Us!

    So, we've come to the end. Near Death Experience was an immense pleasure to write. I've been completely overwhelmed by the piles of wonderful feedback I've gotten. I'm grateful for every single comment, even the negative ones. :) I even got a few pieces of fanart! You know you've made it when people like your story well enough to make art for it. That's the coolest feeling in the world.

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  • 426 weeks
    Got a question?


    Go on. He won't hurt ya! :D

    1 comments · 196 views
  • 426 weeks

    As you may or may not know, I like to draw a little bit! You can see the link to my deviantART account over there on the sidebar.

    I was thinking of maybe starting an "Ask Pale Hoof" tumblr once Near Death wraps up. Since Ask Pony tumblrs seem to be very in vogue these days. Would anyone be interested in that?

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  • 428 weeks
    Got my first thumbs down on Near Death.

    Not sure if legitimately did not like or if just trolling because I had no thumbs down.

    Not that I'm complaining, of course. After all, people are absolutely allowed to have their opinions!

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  • 429 weeks
    Holy cow!

    How did Near Death Experience get over 100 people tracking it? I'd feel lucky just to have 10 readers. This little story's really turned into something. XD

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Hello! · 1:57am Feb 6th, 2012

Hello all.

So, it appears I am completely out of the loop, because I didn't know this FiMfiction thing existed until earlier today! But then again, it took me a good five months to realize Ponibooru existed as well. So forgive me for being a slowpoke!

I'll be posting all my FiM related stories here as well as on FF.net in the future. Hopefully this site will help me get lots of new feedback from new people! I love comments and constructive criticism. I'm also looking forward to seeing lots of new pony fiction. If you have any story recommendations, I'd love to hear them! I love grimdark and shipping.

Anyway, Near Death is all updated on here with the newest chapter. I hope you enjoy!

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