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I'm a guy who loves video games and animated shows. I do fanfic readings on my youtube channel


Fanfic Readings I've done so far · 12:24am Sep 19th, 2017

Hello everyone my name is Matfix Brony. I'am a beginner fanfic reader that is hoping to make well made fanfic readings following in the hoof steps of my favorite MLP Youtubers Obabscribbler, Lost Narrator, and my friend The Wandering Mare. On youtube I'am known as Matededdneddy which is pronounced Mat-Ed-Edd-n-Eddy. The reason behind my youtube name is because growing up my favorite cartoon network show was ed edd n eddy so I decided to use my short name and combine it with the title of that show and that's where the name comes from. Now I was at the time working on an ed edd n eddy Rpg game however issues beyond my control had caused it to be put on a lengthy hiatus and well the recruitment hadn't gone too well so I decided to make a new start with the brony fandom and do Fanfic readings along with some voice acting for other peoples readings most notably for The Wandering mare's channel. I have been a fan of MLP Fim since 2013 but have yet to do anything for the fandom until just recently. The two videos I have on this blog are examples of fanfic readings I've done so far. I know I'am not as good as say bigger more popular fic readers but I'm willing to try anyway. Anyway I hope you all enjoy my fic readings so far and if you have a suggestion for a fic that you want me to try to do just pm me or comment on my profile page. Though they need to be completed stories and for right now at my current skill level I want to keep it at max 5000 words for right now.

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