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  • 436 weeks
    Part 4 Out Soon!

    I found that I got waaay more views over on FanFiction. I really wish the site was more intutive, however. >.<;

    Anyways. Part 4 will be up soon. It was mostly written, but I never published it... got in the mood to write, and at least wanted to finish writing that Chapter. Highly doubt the story will see any other updates, though.

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  • 508 weeks
    Part 4

    Hi all!

    Part 4 of Rebirth is about halfway done. I've got around 1400 words, and I'm not sure whether I'll end part 4 with what I've got, or write a bit more. It'll probably end up around 2000 words. So look for that in the next week or two!


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  • 509 weeks
    I'm Back... Sort of?

    Hello all!

    I might be returning to work, writing FIMfiction.

    After a little inspiration from others, I started to write a small bit for a next chapter. From this point forward, I will be editing the pieces on my own, rather than using SweetHolyHell's help (though I am incredibly thankful for what He did help me with, it made a HUGE difference).

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  • 549 weeks
    A Bit of Bad News...

    Hi all,

    Yes, you read that correctly; bananas.

    Er... I mean, news. Yes, news.

    The past two weeks have been relatively busy with trying (keyword, trying, and failing) to study for school, as well a lot of art, chatting, and some RPing with friends.

    As a result, I'll give you the bad news; Rebirth will not have a 'regular update' schedule.

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  • 549 weeks
    Dashie is Red, Cupcakes are Blue...

    Hi all!

    Well, out of boredom, my friend Lenzzy (from PonySquare) and I decided to read 'Cupcakes' for the first time.

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Dashie is Red, Cupcakes are Blue... · 8:17pm Feb 3rd, 2012

Hi all!

Well, out of boredom, my friend Lenzzy (from PonySquare) and I decided to read 'Cupcakes' for the first time.

It's not as bad as people make it out to be... but at the same time, it's certainly deserving of what credit it does get. The first page had me nervously laughing, and my stomach very sick. After that first page, it wasn't as bad... but it took me at least an hour or two before I could eat anything... my stomach was too upset from the story. ^_^

Update on the fanfic; I have not yet worked on it this week. I had a Mandarin quiz this week, so I wasn't much in the mood for writing. It looks like next week may be mildly busy again, as I have another Mandarin quiz and more reading.

I do apologize to you all; I know I said I was going for weekly updates, but it's hard for me to say 'this is going to happen at this time, for sure.' I'm going to try harder to make time for the fanfic; I really need to, not just for you all but for myself. I need to keep doing this; but there's just a lot of factors involved. I hope you guys and gals understand, and will take the story updates as they come.

Thanks all; I appreciate the reviews and positive encouragement so far, and I hope you will continue to bear with me on story updates. I will see this fanfic through; it's just a matter of time and desire.

Yous in Love and Toleration,


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