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Random Quirk from EQG4 · 10:54am Mar 2nd, 2017

Was re-watching the latest Equestria Girls movie and while I can still find some moderate enjoyment, I discovered a possible plot whole within the side-story of the campers re-building the dock as their camp gift:

See, if I recall correctly, Applejack gains the power of super strength during her time at Camp Everfree and Sunset Shimmer was showing snippets of her tactile telepathy or whatever you want to call it before she actually discovered it; that said, when our favorite Country Gal kicks over the wooden support beam for the dock as an emphasis that:

This whole dock needs to go....

While I appreciate the sentiment her words and actions intended, it kind of loses some of it's "oomph" when you realize that the same girl can lift and throw giant boulders, don't you think? Okay, I'll admit: Twilight nearly falling into the lack because of a flimsy board IS an issue, but you get my meaning, right?
...but then again, as Fiery Joker might say, maybe I'm just taking things too seriously...

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