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"Magenta" (from "The Flash") meets MLP (please?) · 2:02am Oct 30th, 2016

anyone remember this girl from the third episode of the latest season of "The Flash"?

no, seriously: does ANYONE remember this girl? I have to be sure because I have an account on two other sites that post fanfictions and so far, NOBODY has produced any stories around the character most people would compare to a female Magneto (at least to my knowledge)...and to be honest, I'm actually genuinely surprised by that: after all, the episode depicts her as a victim of domestic abuse with a "mild" case of split personality: "Magenta" is essentially the Mr. Hyde to "Frankie Kane's" Dr. Jekyll; however, by the end of the episode, Frankie has taken dominant control, "reformed", and is now looking for a good home: seriously, why hasn't anyone at least posted something about her life afterwards?
...and therein-lies my challenge for all you good folks: a story where "Frankie Kane/Magenta" has found her way into Equestria; I'm going to leave the details of how she shows up or if there's going to be an inter-species transformation involved up to you guys, but I REALLY want to see this story happen; heck, I'd even do it myself if I wasn't busy trying to put some finishing touches on some of the chapters for my OTHER stories across multiple sites... :scootangel: in any case, good luck

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