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Legend of Everfree: Crystal Power · 8:31am Oct 29th, 2016

I'm going to go out on a limb here and actually NAME the main seven's set of powers that we saw in "Legend of Everfree"...in regards to the crystals, as we already know the wings that three members of the group constantly get and one of them managed to temporarily acquired means access to flight...


listed in order of realization, with the only exception being Sunset Shimmer herself, seeing how it was technically put into play before she realized she had it

besides the wings she gains once she accepts her magic (and realizes that she is NOT Midnight Sparkle, not anymore), she is shown to have nearly limitless command over telekinesis; I say NEARLY limitless as she DID display some strain when performing certain tasks, albeit when she was struggling to "contain" her magic as a means of preventing Midnight's return; however, there's always the possibility that such a strain could exist regardless, so I highly doubt we'll be seeing her moving the Golden Gate Bridge anytime soon... (:ajsmug: did I make a reference to X-men 3: The Final Stand? yes; do I regret it? not in the slightest :trollestia:)
to have telepathy, albeit only available through tactical contact; as a side note, not only does it seem akin to Rogue's parasitic touch (amount of memories seen interconnected to how long she's touched someone), it also seems to work both ways: after all, she was able to project herself and the others into Twilight's mind during her final confrontation with Midnight Sparkle

admittedly, her super strength is easy to identify, but just for fun, let's see if we can determine how strong AJ is in this world

from what I can gather, Applejack's greatest feat of strength took place during the final song of the movie (before the end credits, of course), when she lifted and THREW a boulder that was at LEAST twice as large as she was, so it's not hard to believe that this might be somewhere in the ballpark of her overall power...but wait: the substance the rock was made of was never explained, so that's a potential factor as well, especially considering that the existence of a "crystal cave" means that whatever rocks you'd find outside the cave are probably going to be related to what's inside the cave
:rainbowderp: wait, of course: while Sunset called the crystals that Gloriosa had "geodes", it's possible that she meant "gemstones" and comparing the known types of gemstones to what we saw in the cave...

...it's not hard to believe that perhaps that was a Quatz boulder AJ ended up throwing, as there ARE places you can mine for them out there in the world; now, according to a search I made:

A 3/4-inch slab of granite weighs around 12 to 13 lbs. per square foot. 1 1/4-inch granite slabs weigh around 18 to 19 lbs. per square foot.

by taking into account the fact that main cast in this world are about five feet tall (the average height for the average high school female) and that the boulders were tall enough to block the Gloriosa's view of the inside and wide enough to be 1.5 times her height (whom for sanity sake we'll assume is, like her brother, about the same age as the main seven), though they were only about half that height around the base, meaning that we can assume that the rocks were about 9 feet by 6 feet by 3 feet in terms of dimensions...and I might well be low-balling that; that said, plugging all of this together, my VERY conservative estimate has AJ lifting, and THROWING, something that literally weighs a ton at bare minimum...and seeing how she didn't even struggle in doing this, it's likely it's merely a fraction of her TRUE potential...
:derpyderp2: ...THAT is one strong teenage girl...

Rarity was shown to be able to create crystals out of thin air and manipulate them thereafter...even showing that, with effort, that those crystal projections can become more-or-less permanent, though she usually prefers to have them disperse after she uses them...

Pinkie Pie is what I like to call "the Gambit of glucose": she can makes things that contain sugar explode...and it's important to distinguish this from what we associate with Remy LeBeau from the X-men franchise as we saw her cause sprinkles and later marshmallows to blow up, but the nails and paint she handled didn't even begin to sizzle; also, I think it's safe to say that not ALL sugar based products are effected, as the drinks from the party, the paper lantern she coated with marshmallows, and even the cupcakes pre-sprinkles didn't seem to be effected...which makes sense, seeing as I'm fairly certain that there are certain chemical differences between the icing and sprinkles...and before you say that she DID cause some marshmallows to blow up later in the movie, I think that this was more a fact that the ones that blew up the dock post credits seemed to have extra artificial flavoring, judging by the differences in coloring, then it did with being marshmallows...

Fluttershy seems to share her pony counterparts ability to communicate with animals: enough said

it should be pretty obvious that Rainbow Dash has super speed, and given her boast that she was able to "hand out 400 flyers, set up the stage, AND still have time to pick up pizza", all before the fund raiser even began, I'd say she's JUST as fast as her pony counterpart, maybe even more so...

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