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Mlp genderswap voices (My opinion) · 9:01pm Oct 1st, 2016

Dusk shine - Robin (Teen titans)
Applejack (Genderswap) - Knuckles (Sonic boom)
Rainbow blitz - Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog)
Butterscotch - Gumball (TAWOG)
Bubble berry - Spongebob (Spongebob squarepants)
Elusive - Jamie (Steven universe)
Barbara - Connie (Steven universe)
Scooteroll - Harvey (Harvey beaks)
Sweepy bell - Lincoln loud (Loud house)
Applebuck - Darwin watterson (TAWOG)
Bab seed (Genderswap) - Lars (Steven universe
Lord solaris - Mewtwo (Pokemon)
Prince Artemis - Simon the digger (Gurren laggan)
Prince artemis (Evil) - Lucario (Lucario and the mystery of Mew)
Gleaming Shield - Gwen (Total drama)
Lord solaris guards - Pearl (Steven universe)
Eris - Sardonyx (Steven universe)
Queen Oscura - Malachite (Steven universe)
Littlepip - Ami Onuki (hihipuffyamiyumi)
Sweet cheeks - Lisa loud (Loud house
Stick (male Twist) - Clyde (The loud house)
Stone Heart - Jasper (Steven universe)
Princess Bluebelle - Rarity (My little pony)
Female Ahuizotl - Garnet (Steven universe)
Goldy Digger - Marceline (Adventure time)
Trendsetter - Sadie (Steven universe)
Tin Tablespoon - Gizmo (Teen titans)
Mr. Pear Border - Beastboy (Teen titans/GO)
Lockheed Lightning - Rayman (Rayman)
Goal - Garnet (Steven universe)
Cherryloo - Greg (Steven universe)
Freddi varret - Leni loud (Loud house)
Sora (female Soarin) - Lori loud (Loud house)
Mayor (stallion version) - Mayor Dewy (Steven universe)
Fizzler - Ash (Pokemon)
Jazz - Starfire (Teen titans GO!)
Meggy Sunspark - Amethyst (Steven universe)
Beat - Wendy cordury (Gravity falls)
Cherry pop - Franky foster (Foster's home for imaginary friends)
Fudge Berry - Neil patrick Harris
Siltstone Berry - Warden (Superjail)
Steve Polocolt - Mikey (Digimon fusion)
Golden Crown - Lars (Steven universe)
Featherbrain - Lana loud (Loud house)
Boisenberry Storm - Ronaldo (Steven universe)
Coffie cake - Greg (Steven universe)
Angle cake - Ticket girl (Steven universe)
Zicoro - Terence (Angry birds movie)
King pen - Red (Angry birds movie)
Nets - Peridot (Steven universe)
Hoops - Bismuth (Steven universe)
Sugar - katerinu
Spice - Kaori (Bratty and catty voice dub for what they sound like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNpPPVcUANE)
Sugar coat - Jibanyan (Yokaiwatch)
Dashing Dare - Timberpuppers
Melodyworth - stella (Angry birds movie)
Freddi barret - Yellow pearl (Steven universe)
Lady Luck - Nicole watterson (Tawog)
Seaspray - Nathan (Yokaiwatch)
Sora (female Soarin) - Lori loud from the loud house
Rust - Lost pause
Cocoa Cantle - steven (Steven universe)
Brella - Buttercup (Powerpuff girls 2016)
Pappy smith - Richard watterson (TAWOG)
Pelo - Finn (Adventure time)
Narcissus - Foxman (Steven universe)
Poppy pin - Raven (Teen titans GO!)

I got the names from here http://mlpgenderswap.deviantart.com/

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I think both Elusive and Colt Babs Seed will be voiced by Paul Greenberg, and thus making them sound like Dandoodle and Manjimutt respectively (Both from Yo-kai Watch)

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