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incoming AWESOMENESS!....or you know just stuff :twilightoops: · 9:13pm Aug 3rd, 2016

planning to get back into writing and looking for inspiration, so if anypony out there has any ideas or just wants to chat hit me up

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If your still interested in story ideas or inspiration I've got a few you might like to use.

First : The Everfree Report The mane six investigates alien abductions. X-Files Equestrai.

Second : MLPG My Little Pony Gundam To fight giant monsters the princesses summon help but they get a brony who collects gundams. With his help all of Equis or Terra with discord making them real fight to save the world so it's monsters vs mecha .

Third : At Least My Daughter Is Happy We're Here Father and daughter wind up in Equestria. dad is turned in to an Alicorn who can't do magic to save his own life. Example levitation spell he blows stuff up. While daughter a blank flank unicorn is a progeny like Twilight. daughter is happy for two reasons one their in her favorite show and two she gets not one but three mommies due to her father being the only male alicorn,and she just can't wait to have some brothers and sisters.

These are just a few ideas I have if your interested you can use one or all and if you need any more I got more.

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