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I love them details and worldbuilding and also writing whatever the fuck gets written cause I have no self control.

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    A story centering on a griffon reuniting the griffon tribes against Equestria, which leads to civil war, clandestine ops, and also griffon culture.

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    So I'm considering writing an adventure (or series of mini adventures) set in a video game world.

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    For National Novel Writing Month-

    I dunno what to write for NaNoWriMo month

    I'm stuck between
    An SPN-Red Vs Blue Crossover,
    A Red Vs Blue-Achievement Hunter Crossover,
    or a fic for my FAHC-Cybernetic AU.

    Help me

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    I'm trying to work out the logistics of an MLP-DBH AU.

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    Love my mom

    I love my mom.

    She gives me anxiety bad enough to make me want to throw up and in just a brief exchange she can make me want to die or make me want to kill myself.


    And she doesn't even fucking know, and now she's made it even worse.

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When you find the Hamilton memes · 3:12am Jul 31st, 2016

(All I did was google Hamilton memes)

This one is my ipod lock screen.

Yes that is Lin and Obama.

I don't get it but its Hamilton so...

I'll go back to the tumblr trash bin now.

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