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Vultraz reviews: Spice. · 10:31pm Jul 12th, 2016

#1. Vultraz
A Tribute to Le Autiste: Pepper and Homosexuality; Salt and the White Race, 2016
Shitpost on blog
14 cm x 88 cm (5.512 in x 34.646 in)

This was a concept introduced to me by, actually, another personality who goes by the name "Le Autiste", so it's not an entirely original sentiment—and what do you expect from an East Asian?—but I feel like my ethnic background does grant me some credence in my attempts to provide a slightly different approach to this statement than our present authority on all things autistic:

Spice is degenerate.

Now, when you think about spice, you may think about Mexican food, Indian food, or Chinese food. What do all of these foods have in common, apart from all coming from degenerate cultures? They are all liable to give you the shits for weeks on end, and there's a reason for that. You see, salt was a prize to the Romans, the fathers of classical culture—used as a form of regular payment for soldiers. Salt was also a prize to the British and many other Europeans because it was useful in keeping food unspoiled on long voyages across the ocean. Salt, if its whiteness did not already make this self-evident, is a tool of whiteness; a tool of exploration and innovation—a symbol of Caucasian identity and personality.

Enter the appropriately named piper nigrum, or black pepper, now a common staple found on restaurant tables across the civilized world. A little bit of history, if I may. See, pepper corn did not originate in Europe. It was first in common use in South Asia and later spread to China before turning its blackening influence upon the people of the North. Pepper became widely popular in these regions for solely serving the function of "food band-aid"—something you add to mask, not improve or augment, the taste of the food, because the food in these regions tasted (and still today tastes) like shit—because it's literally shit. If you need any further reminder that non-white cultures are degenerate, google some pictures of the Ganges River! It's filled with blood, corpses, and shit and it's where Indians get most of their drinking and cooking water. Google up "gutter oil". The Chinese and Taiwanese to this very day use literal shit as cooking oil.

After awhile, pepper made itself present in the European—specifically, Roman—consciousness as a luxury good, something available only to the rich in small amounts. See, the difference between pepper and salt, apart from color differences, is that salt provides something necessary to human survival—sodium, which plays a role in regulating water level in humans. It has a pleasant taste, and it also has a legitimate function as a means of preserving food, whereas pepper provides only capsaicin, something that poses a potential threat to human survival (and anyone who has ever been pepper sprayed can testify to that). It is potentially lethal for those who are allergic, has a painful taste, and has no other functions, much less anything useful to offer to humans.

So, by these attributes alone, pepper is already by definition as degenerate as homosexuality. While salt is pleasant, satisfies a natural need, and serves as a preserver of food, much like heterosexuality is pleasant, satisfying a natural need, and serves as a preserver of humans, pepper is unpleasant, poses an unnecessary threat to human beings, and fulfills no useful functions, much like homosexuality, which is unpleasant to sane people, poses an unnecessary threat to human beings in the form of STDs like AIDs and gonorrhea, and does not help preserve the human race at all. It is unnatural, and used for the sole purpose of the creation of artificial pleasure.

In a nutshell, pepper is an ends, creating artificial pleasure out of the self-infliction of pain, diverting attention from the original ends of bad food, while salt is a means of preserving the true, natural body of pleasure—good food itself. This difference in tastes is reflected in the difference between European and East Asian cultures as well. The Chinese construct poor products and ghost-towns of skyscrapers consisting of cheap, recycled steel from nuclear waste disposal sites and "concrete" that has the consistency of sand is actually just beach sand. This is because they only care about the ends. It takes a white man to pay attention to the means of construction and ensure that no corners are cut during the process itself, in order to construct a strong, proper building.

Now, spice shares some extra parallels with homosexuality which I shall highlight later, after we get back to the history.

Right now, some of you may be thinking, "Well, Vultraz, what about the spice trade?" Yes, that is true. I have not mentioned yet the postclassical spice trade that paved the foundation for the modern Jew through the creation of new means of usury. The postclassical spice trade that branched Europa with the non-white lands of Asia and Africa. The only good things to come out of the spice trade were the means invented along the way, and, initially, the USA, which was more of a "happy accident" that deteriorated into a boiling cauldron of degeneracy.

Tip of the iceberg. See, much like homosexuality, the only means pepper could ever serve was as a gateway drug—a slippery slope, if you will. It paved the way for future degeneracy and non-whiteness to spread through the spice trade, the same way as after the rise of homosexuality and its eventual acceptance in the mind of the public, new movements arose, pushing the dissemination of new and increasingly degenerate activities and fetishes: feminism, promiscuity, transgenderism, bestiality, encouraged miscegenation, rape, and pedophilia, and now, thanks to the development of new irradiation techniques that we can use to preserve food in spite of salt, pepper is one of the most common spices you can find in the Western world—as widespread as degeneracy in the modern day.

Pepper has another relationship with degeneracy—what a big surprise, it's promiscuous! Remember, the enjoyment of pepper is about the self-infliction of pain or the embarrassment created by eating a pepper and having your face turn red. What's another word for the derivation of enjoyment from pain or humiliation? Masochism, as in the 'M' in BDSM. The Chinese, as degenerate as they are, did get a few things right, and this is one of them: "4" is the number of death. Four letters in BDSM. The death of culture, civilization, and everything the white race stands for.

So what's the big takeaway from this? What am I supposed to do with all this insight, you may ask?

Simple. Spice is degenerate. Pepper represents the stand of Jews and nonwhites agaisnt white civilization. If you eat it, you will go to hell. If you run a restaurant, take your fucking black pepper off the tables. If you go to a restaurant, take the black pepper off the tables for them.

I give peppers a 0/10 because they are degenerate and degeneracy must be purged. There is no cure for degeneracy but purging.

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