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Who would've thought I'd come back?

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  • 177 weeks
    Been a while ain't it lad

    Hmm, so I'm keeping my old cringy blogs for the sake of archiving. No one will read this anyway I'm guessing, but I'm just gonna post for the sake of it now.
    It's been, fucking ages, I must say. I've changed a lot in that time. Ignore everything I said the past two years, except when I complimented people for their stories.

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  • 276 weeks
    I'm back!

    Hey guys, I'm back from my holiday. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, I'm happy to be back. I don't know when my next story will be up though. I'm hoping by the end of August or start of September (because school starts) as always. And damn, that was the quickest summer I've ever had xD but at least I had fun. Hope you did too! :twilightsmile: Again, feel free to ask any questions about

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    Holiday! (And updates)

    Hey guys. I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks (yes, 3 WEEKS!) starting tomorrow (July 30th). I'll be back by the last week of August, so until then I can't post any stories. Yes, I am still planning, yes, I did delete 21% Cooler, only because it really was NOT needed in my timeline. Plus I'm not so proud of it. However I promise when September arrives, I will get back to writing on a schedule this

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  • 280 weeks

    Guys it's my BIRTHDAY!!! YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :raritywink: :twilightsmile: I'm hoping on FINALLY posting a new story today or this week, get excited!

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  • 282 weeks
    One of my favourite MLP theories.

    'Tirek was a cover-up'
    ~ from the chapter book 'Lyra and Bon Bon: The Mares from S.M.I.L.E'

    What do you guys think of this theory? Seriously, it is very interesting if you think about it...
    And luckily for you, I'll do a whole story about it! :pinkiehappy:

    Read the book here; It's awesome!

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Which should I choose? · 6:18pm Jun 15th, 2016

Alright I know I haven't posted a blog in a while, but you can't blame me for trying hard at school. And some busy stuff, etc.
Anyways, I am planning two stories. The first is 'Winning Their Hearts'. If you've seen Rainbow Factory you'll be familiar with Scootaloo and Orion. And yes, I ship these two. So I figured wouldn't it be nice to do a story with all their backstory and how they fell in love? Wouldn't that make a great romantic story? What do you think?
The second is 'My Love Must Continue' which is a sequel to 'Winning Their Hearts'. If you remember,
Orion tragically died and so Orion and Scootaloo where left, separated.:fluttercry:
Before I go further, I would like to say that in the story 'Rainbow Factory' They leave us off with a cliffhanger with Scootaloo just minutes away from death. In my sequel, she doesn't die, she just meerly survives. Check out 'Rainbow Factory: Downfall' for the full story (a sequel to Rainbow Factory). I'm not telling you any more apart from that at the at the end of the sequel, Scootaloo is still alive! :pinkiehappy:
See, it's not all doom and gloom XD
However Scootaloo is left with no lover, she is kept haunted at night with the events, even with Luna's help. But after a few years... she caughts herself being in a love triangle (or maybe a square) that has gotten her so frustrated yet so emotional. I'm not saying who is in the triangle unless you ask me in a private message.
Now that everything is explained, I would like to ask a question for all reading this. Which one of the two stories should I publish first? 'Winning Their Hearts' or 'My Love Must Continue'. It's hard to choose because it really doesn't matter which goes first. Plus, which one sounds more interesting to you? Please, anyone who is there tell me your answer or opinion. Thanks.

Oh and here is an awesome Scootaloo x Orion pic! :twilightsmile:


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