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Names Alex I enjoy viewing strange things. Things I like involves being positive, and enjoying some little manga/gaming.

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  • 118 weeks
    Damn it's been so long

    I know a year pass, but god damn. I have been occupied with college, discord, and many private stuff you guys don't need to know... unless you apart of. Though I have been kinda leaving my story dry, besides the fact I lost track with the story's plot. So kinda have me considering rebooting it, since can I try to keep up with everything. Note anyone who has crossover with me, I'm still keeping it

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  • 178 weeks
    Should I restart the story or just wait until I have time

    Let see time to do the story kinda got absorb from RP-ing and my classes, so considering I should place this on hold. Anyway, part of me is wondering if I should remake the story due experience gained and trying to go for a more proper setting. Actually reason is that I may not go intensely to this story and yes it's one of those moments. However, I don't want to make those who crossover to lose

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  • 193 weeks
    I'm not dead and in the mood for some Q&A

    Alright posting this that I'm not dead, though busy with College life and apparently doing alot of RP in Discord. So anyone who might not be at Discord want to ask me any question(though if it's personal I may react sarcastically or might give a diverge answer). Ha so going to come back at an hour or 4:30 pm eastern to check.

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  • 209 weeks
    Found these adorable things and decided why the fudge not.

    The power of aura was futile against the power of diamonds.

    mmm which sweet to go for first

    Fluttermoth is adorable.

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  • 213 weeks
    Moment for pony chibi

    Bored and dealt with a annoying fly in my home. My brother panic since it's one of those big flies like a cluster fly. It kinda gross him out and we tried to kill it. He thought air fresheners will weaken the wings, but we still haven't kill the thing. At least not destroy the apartment for it. Now I'm bored and going to post pony pics of their chibi style art or something silly.

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Feel like a blazing furnace inside and out · 5:04pm May 27th, 2016

It's hot, blazing and makes me feel more lazy by the overheat. Plus no AC, since I do not know why we threw out our old one. Though the only reason from my parent is that it was old which game me a 'wtf' expression knowing that is the only AC we have. Note: it still works and everything, but the logic was that it's old. I would have continue to store the bloody thing.

How I feel about the heat:

What I should do:

But got no tent.:fluttershysad:

This is what my subconscious say:

As you know it can be very mean.

If you ask about the story have mix feelings of continuing it, though tempted to just make a crossover just to end the bloody saga. However, I shouldn't yet.

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