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Like Singers and their songs, and dancers with their dancing, a writers way of expressing their thoughts and emotions is through writing. Thats when imagination come to life. ~~MS

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Sorting out some thing : ) · 5:58pm May 8th, 2016

Hey guys!!! Magic Here!

Now, some people are getting confused for as to why Project; Community has been set up and as one of the creators of this project, I'm gonna need to clear some things out to help people understand why this whole thing was set up.

The Primary reason for this whole thing was to help. :rainbowwild: which sorta makes sence due to the fact that, its about helping the community itself become a better place because even the smallest action will affect others around you, and affect the earth too so we gotta keep an eye out for people.

The secondary reason for this whole thing was because we need the scociety- or a bit of it- to just accept people the way they are. Because we all live in a very judging world where there are more bad people than there are nice people, and we need to change that because lately the world has been very problemetic and there are wars and more things happening to innocent people that shouldnt so we need to help more people to stop the horrible things that have been going on.

My last reason for this project, is one that may have been asked a billion of times by now and im willing to answer it all here and now. Most questions or statments i get it that, "People are already trying but nothing seems to be wprking so why bother?" My reason is- i dont know about yours but mine is, we dont have many people working on this. And whoever is working on this needs a lot of funding and a lot of stuff to get on with it and it never really seems to do anything because the people working on it - or some people who are- dont have the right attitude in a way. We dont have enough people working on this and a few charities are gonna help but arent going to give a lot of surpport, well they are but not in the way that im thinking. Our project is about helping people in general, wether it be stopping an argument, talking to people who feel down and depressed or just making a joke so someone can smile and have a brighter day. Not just directed to those who need help, because eventually everyone does need some help and its best to act earlier rather than later too.

I'm sure you've all heard me ramble tok much by now :rainbowlaugh: so if you have any questions and need some answers or you need to talk, Just PM me and i'll do anything i can to help you!!

Magical Shield Out : )

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