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April 1st · 3:21pm Apr 1st, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad.

Here's to a year of College.

Here's to another interview.

To be honest, though. As amazing as my year has been, a lot of people have just been leaving lately for really stupid reasons. Let's not ruin this beautiful day month year by causing completely stupid drama for once please?

Here's some healthy cringe. Even I couldn't finish it.:scootangel:

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I once saw threads featuring videos like that, and they were on the Brony Defense Force Group as posted by a user named Garage Door Opener. These videos were definitely unsuitable for that kind of group, and the threads were now deleted (I thanked the group moderators for their cooperation moments after the threads were deleted). Once this happened, I discovered that he swiped a photo of the thread and put it as the front page of his site without acknowledging or blessing me (in effect, mocking me).

Well, let's just say you're a much more knowing person than Garage Door Opener happened to be.

3841091 Oh my. These aren't good videos to defend bronies with.:rainbowlaugh:

3841147 They're most certainly not! In fact, they're certainly among the most dreadful things to do so with, and that alone made me feel so happy that they were deleted at the time that they were deleted.

With that in mind, there's no reason why we shouldn't have fun today. In fact, let's play some video game (shows)!

3841307 I'll admit though that the kid kinda reminds me of the Eddie Albert character from CBS' Green Acres, as odd as that sounds (that character, if you've actually watched the show, was known for taking everything literally!)

No cringe is healthy cringe. :derpyderp1:

why arnt my videos on here:trollestia:

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