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I am a college student, who love mlp since I was little and was drag back into the fandom five years ago. I love chatting with people about ponies, so feel free to have a random chat with me.

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  • 362 weeks
    Mix feelings about Linkin Park new music

    As much as a love Linkin Park old stuff, their new stuff ( like Heavy) isn't that bad EXCALTY compare to most Pop music nowadays. And if they can it work, their new stuff can be for the better ( unlike I want to say about Beyonce, her last two albums haven't been her best, compared to her work in the past </3)

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  • 377 weeks
    And beside anyone tell me:

    I do know about the New Code Geass Anime coming back and it being an official tie into the anime than just being an ova ( with I do like but this will be a tie into the anime we are talking about) for all of you that haven't been following for a long time: Code Geas is in my top 10 of all time favorite anime). And Still looking forward to seeing Code Geass: Akito the Exiled when it comes to DVD

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  • 377 weeks

    Did i miss anything from everyone/ what have been happing in the MLP fandom?

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  • 377 weeks
    Long time no see everyone i guess? :/

    First off I am not dead. Just a lot of crap been happening in my life for the past couple of months ( for everyone that don't follow me on any of my social media) To save you guys the Sh*t that has been going on it was first my headaches getting worst for three months and then family stuff (I really don't want to talk about at the moment) and then the dumb election drama, and with all of that

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  • 395 weeks
    Just saw Star Trek Beyond and...

    I got to say that Star Trek Beyond is worth seeing( and that is all i hve to say about the movie but...) got to say that the villain was weak overall and should have been better ,but tht is it the only thing i didn't like abou tthis movie.Sorry but Khan is better villain this time around. But seeing Anton Yelchin in his last movie and the Leonard Nimoy (him as Spock) tribute

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Dragon Age journal: NO more (dragons) DEATHS · 6:27am Mar 12th, 2016

Been doing the "quest for Urn of Sacred Ashes" and I dont like it b/c i have to kill dragons that i have to kill </3. This is wrost than Skyrim </3 I hope dragons i kill today don't hunted me in my dream from tonight on Q~Q.Anyways good night everyone </3 THESE POOR DRAGONS :raritycry:
ALso the good news( and only) is that :

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Have ya gotten to the place with the big room with the gong in the middle of it that tells you not to touch it?:twilightblush:

Cuz don't touch the gong. Just.... Just don't touch the goddam gong.:facehoof:

3804206 Gong what gong i didnt see any gong. Dont you mean Kolgrim's Horn? I kind of talk my way of not fighting that High Dragon. I know i will face the Archdemon?(maybe Old God) at the end of the game . i was just not in the mood to face at least that dragon. The Archdemon is a whole other story right there.

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