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A New Story At Last! · 1:55pm Mar 9th, 2016

Hey everybody, MidnightRain reaching out to ya, with great news!

I'm writing a new story! With permission from fluttershysone, I am now writing a side story for his crossover fic 'Po-Ni-Oh! Rise of the Heroes'. As a general deadline, the latest you can expect the story to be done is next January, unless I postpone all writing over the summer.

Summary(This is directly from the story's drafting process):

Ten years have passed since the events of Po-Ni-Oh: Rise of the Heroes, and Dueling has remained strong. This time, a new challenge awaits the hero of Equestria: A Duel to remember, as Star Driver aims for his tenth title as Duel Monster's World Champion. But a new opponent has risen through the ranks, wielding the power of Accel Summoning!
In this spin-off of Po-Ni-Oh: Rise of the Heroes, Star Driver must overcome and defeat the so-called 'Fastest Duelist in Equestria', using a whole new kind of HERO: Cosmic HEROs!
It's always been Solar Feather's dream to take on the challenge of World Champion, and this year, he planned on doing just that. He had spent three years building the perfect Deck, and he had been confident his Accel Formula Deck would be unstoppable.
It got Solar this far. Can the rising Duelist outmatch the World Champion Star Driver, and claim the title of Equis World Champion?

Many cards mentioned in this story are entirely fictitious, and will likely never legitimately exist. The cards in Star Driver's Deck were created by fluttershysone, and The Notebook.
Star Driver's Cosmic HERO cards were created by myself, and in association with The Notebook.
Solar Feather's cards, with the exception of Accel Synchron, Formula Synchron, Urgent Tuning, and Star Changer, were created by myself, and in association with The Notebook.

Disclaimer: I do not own Po-Ni-Oh. Po-Ni-Oh: Rise of the Heroes was written and published to FiMfitction by fluttershysone.
I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, nor claim copyright for any legitimate cards mentioned or described in this story.
I do not own My Little Pony, nor claim copyright for the universe, characters, or anything else mentioned in this story.
My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro and its affiliates.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is the property of Konami and its affiliates.
This story is for entertainment purposes ONLY. The reproduction of this story is not permitted, but can not be prevented. The republication of this story to other websites is not permitted without digital permission from its author, and fluttershysone, unless otherwise stated by the administration of FiMfiction.net.
Star Driver is the property of fluttershysone, and Solar Feather is the property of myself.
Please enjoy the story!

So, there's the summary for you, and as the story progresses(As I'm still drafting the card details, and will be attempting to draw or get somebody to draw the cards so image links can be provided when the cards are revealed. I will design a couple of the Spells and Traps myself), sneak peeks will be given, with updates on how far along the story is.

Now, in other news.
(The following news has no relation to anything My Little Pony, the show, the movies, or any FiMfics)
Arcadian Legends Chapter 1 is finished with the first draft, and the second draft will be typed as soon as possible. The Prologue hasn't been finished in the typing process, and I'll be working on that soon. For the longest time, Arcadian Legends was on hiatus. But now, I've taken it off hiatus, and it's going back on hiatus, as I write 'Po-Ni-Oh!: Battle For The Title'. But, one of the side stories, 'Scrolls From the Temple: The First King' is published on Wattpad. The 'Arcadian Legends Ultimate Guide' is going to be a progressive work, updating as I write the 'Arcadian Legends Trilogy'.

That's all for now, so have a good time, and I'm sorry for not updating in so long-

There's more! 'The Claymore Legacy' is up for giveaway! Both written stories in the Trilogy are available to be adopted, and if you adopt the stories, you may rewrite them as you see fit. I only ask that you keep character names the same, and research the Claymore manga and anime while you write the story. Besides that, the stories are yours to revamp! If interested, let me know! If you wish to pay for the stories, I will have to respectfully decline. Not because I won't accept the money- because I don't have a credit card, PayPal, Patreon, KickStarter, GoFundMe, etc. account set up.
So the stories are free unless you wish to pay(I suggest don't pay, though. Even I say the stories suck).

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I'm now very curious as to the last time you were legit on.

3799211 Uh... Maybe... Last summer? DX

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