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  • 71 weeks
    Still here

    I know it seems like my writing days are over, but I have good news. I'm alive and writing, slowly. This profile will never be 'dead', though I cannot donate much of my time to writing so new chapters or stories will be coming in very slow. I am currently halfway done with the newest chapter of AMAAA and hopefully it will be out in a few days, or hours.

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  • 106 weeks
    AMAAA Chapter 25 outtakes

    The line of soldiers opened fire. Just as they did a bright light blinded everyone. The soldiers and solar guard shielded their eyes. Once the light subsided a large white alicorn was seen. She had shielded the guards from the barrage of rifle fire.

    “Soldiers stand down!” Fulks ordered.

    “Guard stand down!” Celestia commanded.

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  • 107 weeks
    More death...

    Today we had to put my dog Buddy down due to internal bleeding. It was hard to let her go but she was in pain. I just wish everyone I loved stopped dying around me.

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  • 108 weeks
    My father died

    My dad died today. I still cannot believe it even though I knew it was coming. It doesn't seem real. Everytime I go to the livingroom where he was I just keep expecting to see him there. I know in my heart ge is dead I just can't accept it I guess. He was tough, lived a year and a half longer than any of the doctors expected. I just thought I would have more time. I guess I was wrong.

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  • 120 weeks

    I am currently working on a new fic while I hammer out more details on A Man and an Army. I know its been a month since I have 'officially' came back but don't worry. A new story should be up (if I do not scrap it) in a few weeks. Now the subject matter is kinda 'controversial' and messed up. So I may cancel it, or postpone its release to a later date. Now the next chapter for AMAAA should come

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Ranting to myself · 8:54pm Feb 22nd, 2016

I put in my story for approval like... 6-8 hours ago and still nothing. At first I was like "ok no big deal". Then I come back 4 hours later and go to check the 'recently approved' stories to see that they have not approved any stories since I put my story up for approval. I was like "Are all the mods and story approvers gone?" I went to the staff page to see that some have been on recently and some were currently on. I was like 'ok this is odd, they should have at least approved a few." Anyway I pushed it aside like "whatever they'll get to." So I come back 4 hours later to see that they have not approved a single story since I was last on. I went back to the staff page to see if the ones i saw on before had just left shortly after but no... they are just not doing their jobs that or there are just like fifty thousand non qualified fics. Then I thought to myself, 'I have a bunch of free time right now, I should ask knighty if i could be an approver." Then i read the message on he staff page. Without dedicated staff on hand, Fimfiction would be a ship (heh) without a crew, destined to crash at any time on a rocky shore. The guys below all contribute in various ways to making sure the site stays functional throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Oh, and please don't bug us about being on the staff team at the moment, we're always on the look out for good members to pick up when we need new people! I could be a dedicated story approver, hell I bet I could catch up to meeester in six months depending on how many stories get put up for approval. I mean really, Knighty should at least add another 5-10 story approvers to help out if there really are enough unqualified fics that it takes more than 8 hours to find one good one to approve.

Report Saffron · 175 views · #rant #ranting #approval
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