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  • 382 weeks
    Dank! Dank! Dank!

    Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's me! Trying to outrun my problems! There I go!

    Does anyone have Ifunny? If you do, my name is das_a_toilet

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    1 month ago I realised that this year I turned 16 on August 16 in 2016

    Sup wit dat?

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    Sure! let me make a blog at 12:00pm!

    Why the fuck not!

    Sooooo...yes I know. Ive been out for a while. Ive been busy doing stuff and I got into a new fandom. Which is sorta bad (considering my dumbass fell in love with one of the characters of some certain Universe show) but, yea I got into that fandom and got....distracted

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    Today is mah birthday! Im now officially 16 years old! What am I going to do today? Well I don't know yet. So yeah

    Oh btw did you know Randompony2003 birthday was 2 days ago? So remember that when she comes back

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    It's 1:00 Am.....and im writing horse words

    Christ, What am I doing?

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20 headcanons about Blackout · 7:26am Feb 20th, 2016

(A little thing that popped into me' noggin do headcanons about your OC to get to know them better)

1: Blackout is a con-artist

2: Blackout is the type of person that always knows a guy

3: he has an artifact that can revive the dead. But only uses it when he needs info since it doesn't last long

4: he has very crude and twisted humor

5: human Blackout is a hacker

6: Blackout often thinks he's a "Fucking Jedi" as he would put it

7: his favorite food are hayburgers

8: his stealth is off the charts, he can literally sneak behind Luna

9: he claims that he knows "lots of things, without even knowing those things"

10: he often appears and disappear out of nowhere

11: he watches Rain Cloud in her sleep, he says that "it keeps him calm"

12: he sometimes dose fanfiction of himself and Page for no reason or whatsoever

13: he knows Discords full name

14: he likes dubstep

15: he can talk perfectly in Spanish

16: his pinprick eye glows in the dark

17: he somehow gained the ability to break the 4th wall trough references

18: Blackout stocks the mane six for "reasons." Especially Fluttershy cause he says: "I for some reason get a bad vibe from her...not entirety sure why"

19: for some unknown reason, he doesn't like Celestia

20: Blackout often messes with time and space itself and makes dangerous outcomes

Report DATSATOILET · 446 views · #Headcanon
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3766002 Don't fuckin worry about it ill....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3766008 zzzzzzzzzz don't. Worry its for a greater good.....don't ask what kind of good is that

3766017 because! REASONS!!....heheh im a fuckin Jedi

3766022 I don't fucking know. For all I know it scares the beejesus outta me
Inside of blackout: nope still here
Blackout: what the hell?
Beejesus: may peace bee with you

3766035 the animals....they listen to her....it may be her talent.....but it might be something else.....it scares me
Beejesus: still here

3766043 I know LOTS of things......

3766047 wait I don't.........................AHGG im too high and sleepy for this
Welp...............NINJA COMA!! *coma*

3766052. Fgy f f ffuufycuyfv cdxfuckspellinggvfyyggdc

Raincloud: WAIT WHAT!?

Blackout: Wanna fuck?

Blackout: Oh Shit!

Blackout: don't pressure me! I just woke up from my 10 minute coma

Blackout: yeah I know, Fluttershy has homicidal tendency's I just found out

Blackout: yeah she keeps it calm by being with her animals and friends. It was caused by her extremely abusive parents

Blackout: she is also EXTREMELY sexually active....thats what scares me the most

3766483 blackout: *appears infront of you* DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE

Blackout: NO WAIT THE BEAR IS OVERPROTECTIVE HE'S GONNA- you know what fuck it. Want your shit wrecked fine

Blackout: yea....sure

3766395 Raincloud: Just don't look in the left part of my dresser and I'm good :D

3766056 Raincloud: Nah, I'm fine

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