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    You know what? I'm really, REALLY fed up, right now :twilightangry2:

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Anyone wanna read a script? · 12:40am Jan 26th, 2016

Hello, everypony.

This is just a little blog asking for some help. As my name may suggest, I'm quite into musicals and musical theatre on the whole. As such, I'm hoping to write theatre pieces, especially musicals, to perform. At present, I'm working on a musical based on My Little Pony, as a technical exercise, to get myself used to writing in script format and such like.

Here's a brief plot summary; The story is set between seasons four and five, but is not strictly canon, and Twilight has been summoned by Princess Celestia and asked to find some place to hide a dark gem called the Nightmare Crystal, which houses the evil magic that corrupted Luna into Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately, Derpy Hooves accidentally releases the Nightmare Energy from the crystal, and it resurrects King Sombra, who swears vengeance on Luna for betraying him. For the rest of the show, Twilight and friends learn dark and horrible things about Celestia and Luna's past, while also trying to find a way to defeat King Sombra once again, as well as trying to keep Derpy away - for fear of her making a bigger mess than she already has, even though she wants nothing more than to make up for her mistake.

So, here's what I'm asking; is anyone prepared to beta read what I've already got of the script, and give me any feedback and constructive criticisms for how to improve it? I'll be able to print the script out as a PDF, and send you a shared file through uploadpie.com

All you have to do is drop me a PM, and I'll send you a link. All help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, all

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