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Princess Screwball

Hi everyone my name is Princess Screwball! I am princess of chaos soon to be queen. My king will soon be chosen but for now I am the Princess. So mess with my loveys! It's hell for you

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  • 219 weeks
    Going to try

    Going to try and fix my mistakes... Doubt anyone will care... I'm sorry Frisk for threatening you but you really hurt me and I'm very sensitive and you know I can be dramatic. I'm sorry everyone. And if you hate me I'll go

    6 comments · 255 views
  • 219 weeks
    Pms broke.

    Once they are fixed. Most likely he'll will break out

    7 comments · 208 views
  • 219 weeks
    Listen well

    I have very naughty pics of Frisk and if someone tries to stop me they shall be posted and oh well if I get banned it will be worth it

    3 comments · 233 views
  • 219 weeks
    I'm showing you the real Frisk!

    1m, 18s ago
    Frisk Ramirez said:
    I'm not hot head you take things out of proportions that's why we argue and you like Dragon and Root because they bow down and worship you like the dogs they are I'm done Rachel I understand why Vic left now and stop being a polygamist it's evil and it's poison
    And I know you're going to blow it up by posting a blog.
    I know you.

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  • 219 weeks
    Pms broke

    I'm going to attempt to sleep doubt it will happen but ok

    1 comments · 151 views

Pms broke · 12:35pm Jan 11th, 2016

I'm going to attempt to sleep doubt it will happen but ok

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