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An amateur, aspiring fanfiction writer. And a gamer. And a creator of some leather stuff.

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  • 185 weeks
    So, I just watched Legends of Everfree...


    What are you doing..?



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  • 199 weeks
    Romance Pacing Done Wrong

    Ah, romance... What a wonderful, wonderful thing, both to experience and to read.

    Two individuals, slowly growing closer and closer together, their relationship changing, evolving into something new and beautiful, like a butterfly. Noticing something special about the other for the first time, first confession, first kiss... It's a beautiful process that takes time.

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  • 225 weeks
    Looking for prereaders

    I'm antsy about keeping my story in secret for after I have at least few chapters done and edited, instead of releasing the first chapter as soon as it's finished... I just want the feedback! I want to share it with the world, for better or worse!

    That's why I'm asking you, all my... Six followers... Huh, not too big of an audience. Oh well.

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  • 231 weeks
    Hard times coping with influences...

    Now lemme elaborate on that title.

    I'm writing a story. It has a good setting, the AU is pretty detailed I'd like to think, I have an outline ready for the first chapters, the rest of the story is pretty clear in my head, and yet... I sometimes want to change it. Drastically. Because of other fics.

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  • 232 weeks
    Fanfiction be like

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Fanfiction be like · 8:07pm Dec 13th, 2015

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