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  • 622 weeks

    I am working on the next chapters. I swear. Really. I Pinkie promise.

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  • 633 weeks
    I am still alive.

    Hey. I'm not dead. If anyone cares any more... I haven't made a chapter for either of my stories for a while but I have been really busy with things and I do have one chapter for Unwelcome Visitors in the works. Yeah... I'm still alive... on an unrelated note, do you know what pisses me off? I look down the list of stories and nearly all of the stories tagged with Fluttershy (my favourite pony

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  • 643 weeks

    I am sorry, I know I said you'd get a chapter last week but I don't have the time right now to write anything. You will get a chapter once I have time, that might mean later today (extremely unlikely) or in three weeks (a lot more likely). So yeah, sorry again.

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  • 644 weeks
    Sorry for delays.

    I am really sorry that it is taking me a while to update my stories but at the current time I am finding it difficult to get any more written. I will try to get you guys a chapter today or tomorrow. Again, sorry.

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  • 647 weeks

    If anyone who has tracked my stories could rate them please? Not necessarily rate them thumbs up, if you don't like it by all means thumb down... though I don't know why you would track if you disliked it. Anyway, yeah I would love ratings if you would be so kind as to give them. :)

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... · 4:11pm Aug 15th, 2012

I am working on the next chapters. I swear. Really. I Pinkie promise.

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...I dont believe you! :fluttershbad: [Just kidding. :trollestia: ]

288935 No problem bro. I can wait. :moustache:

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